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The History Of Club Penguin

This history of Club Penguin will be split in 4 Parts:


Part 1. Rocketsnail Games

Part 2. Experimental Penguins

Part 3. Penguin Chat 3

Part 4. Club Penguin

                     Part 1.  Rocketsnail Games:   

Rocketsnail Games is a old website that got closed down, due to a lack of funding. This was the site of both Penguin Chat and Penguin Chat 3. It was made by Rsnail, a Moderator of Club Penguin. Rsnail owned it until it was closed down.


Mancala classic

 Mancala Classic.

Mancala Classic.

Mancala Classic is identical to Mancala in Club Penguin. This game is still available.

Mancala snails

Mancala Snails in play
Mancala Snails in play

Mancala Snails is a game that is like Mancala, but instead of stones to move, there were green snails. When the snails jump in the jar, a rocket comes out of their back (hence the name Rocketsnail Games). This game is still available. 

 Word crunch

Word Crunch in play
Word Crunch in play

Everyday there was a new theme of word crunching. This game is also still available. Nothing else is known about Word Crunch.

 Ballistic Biscuit

What the old Ballistic Biscuit looked liked. Note the humans. Is there a penguin in the boat?
What the old Ballistic Biscuit looked liked. Note the humans. Is there a penguin in the boat?

Ballistic Biscuit was like Club Penguin’s Hydro-Hopper, except that there were humans in the game instead of penguins. Club Penguin’s Hydro-Hopper used to be called Ballistic Biscuit.

Experimental Penguins

Penguin chat by rocketsnail
Penguin chat by rocketsnail

Experimental Penguins was an early version of Club Penguin. It is available now but is a FAKE; to play it, go to http://www.penguinchat.com. In this game you can be a little blue penguin and waddle around meeting new friends. However, it was not as safe as Club Penguin. Any penguin that was mean or had a bad name you could not report. They soon closed it down and made Penguin Chat.This game was so famous that Contact Music found it and called it their own. Experimental Penguins name was changed to Penguin Chat so Club Penguin fans wouldn’t know. The idea of Experimental Penguins was very successful, so the game transformed into Penguin Chat, Penguin Chat 2, and the famous Penguin Chat 3, which eventually turned into the Club Penguin we use today.

Here are the links to the games:

To play Word Crunch CLICK HERE!!!

To play Ballistic Buscuit CLICK HERE!!!

To play Mancala Snails CLICK HERE!!!

To play Mancala Classics CLICK HERE!!!

To play Penguin Chat 3  CLICK HERE!!! ( it doesn’t work anymore)



Experimental Penguins, an old game from 2000, is what started it all. Close to when Rocketsnail started they made a multiplayer game chat. You could choose a name and be a default color. Little is known about Experimental Penguins since there are not any pictures of gameplay and such. From the icon they put next to it on Rocketsnail.com it seems that there was dynamite and Snow Cats which soon made their way into Penguin Chat

. Experimental Penguins only stayed up for a few months and got several awards. It closed down and then Penguin Chat came along. During Experimental Penguins, there was a game being worked on for it called ‘Snowblasters’. The game was never finished before they put up Penguin Chat.




The Experimental Penguins logo.
The Experimental Penguins logo.





           PART 3.  PENGUIN CHAT 3.

Penguin Chat is partially what started the actual Club Penguin. You would choose a name and go into rooms as many different characters.

Penguin Chat came after Experimental Penguins. The game changed the penguins looks. Penguin Chat 1, where you could only put in a name, walk around, and chat, had only the Dance Club, the Coffee Shop and the Boiler Room. The Gift Shop, at first, was just a place to buy merchandise like mugs and shirts. The Dance Club had many different songs. At one time ‘The Banana Phone’ song was played. Instead of the Boiler Room being in the top right corner speaker, you would go to the bottom left one. The Boiler Room was more secret then than now, few penguins knew about it and when you could become a ninja, there were many Ninja Clans that would meet there.

A little later you could go to what is now the Snow Forts. At first it was just a room with a ‘Coming Soon’ Sign. Then you could go on the sign and go to a construction site where you could go into a Snow Cat (Bulldozer).

These are some gallery that I found on Penguin Chat 3.Oldtown.jpg 





THis is the old coffee shop of Penguin Chat 3.


This is the old Boiler Room of the Penguin Chat 3.

Finally, don’t be fooled by this: penguinchat.com This is not the Penguin Chat I was speaking of. This came out a year ago, I believe. Its a FAKE. The real Penguin Chat was only accessible on www.rocketsnailgames.com .


               PART 4. CLUB PENGUIN

Club Penguin is a MMOG for kids/teens developed by New Horizon Interactive. Using cartoon penguin avatars, players can converse, play minigames, and participate in other activities with one another in a snow-covered virtual world. Club Penguin was first made available to the public on October 24, 2005 (even though some people claim it was in 2003), and has since expanded into a large online community.

Club Penguin shares similarities with other popular online environments like RuneScape. Though open to everyone, Club Penguin is primarily designed for children age eight to fourteen, and has been qualified for the Better Business Bureau – Kid’s Privacy Seal of Approval. Club Penguin was also awarded the “Editor’s Choice” award from Children’s Technology Review Magazine.

A merchandise section, the Club Penguin Gift Shop, opened on the Club Penguin website in August 2006, selling stuffed Puffles and T-shirts. Keychains, gift cards, and more shirts were added on November 7, 2006.

Though the game can be played for free, some of the features are not available unless a subscription is purchased.

Club Penguin Island

A panoramic view of Club Penguin Island.

A panoramic view of Club Penguin Island.

Club Penguin, Antarctica

Club Penguin, Antarctica

The Iceberg and Club Penguin Island

The Iceberg and Club Penguin Island



Club Penguin Island is the place where the whole game takes place. It’s in Antarctica. Penguins are the main species of the island. They built streets, igloos, buildings and other infra-stuctures.

Club Penguin Island is in Antarctica somewhere. Some people claim it to be Penguin Island (just off King George’s Island). Rockhopper Island is rumoured to be Christmas Island, off the coast of Western Australia. This is unlikely as it would take months and months to go to Penguin Island from there, even in a clipper ship such as the Migrator.

Evidence of being Penguin Island

  • Lots of penguins.
  • Iceberg looks suspiciously like one off Penguin Island.
  • Mountain is said to be Deacon Peak, a real mountain.


Club Penguin Island is extremely cold, and it’s always covered in snow.

Several animals inhabit the island, the main of them being penguins. Other animals are crabs, worms, jellyfish, starfish, sharks, mullets, grey fish, yellow fish (which conform a large part of the feeding of the penguin population), clams, corals, shrimps, squids, an octopus, a lone polar bear, squid, giant squid, giant puffer fish-like thing, and puffles (which have been domesticated and can be adopted as pets, though wild ones still remain in the wilderness).

Due to the extremely cold climate of the area, the flora of the island is limited to pine trees, seaweeds, and ‘O’ Berry bushes.

Other islands

Rockhopper Island

Rockhopper Island is Rockhopper‘s private island, where he finds rare items to bring back to Club Penguin. According to Rockhopper, it’s a small island with clean water and fruit trees. It is also the native land of red puffles. It seems to be much warmer than Club Penguin Island, because of its flora.

The location of Rockhopper Island is unknown to everyone, although he has given away many maps that may show how to get to it.


According to Rockhopper’s Journal, Rockhopper Island is warmer than Club Penguin Island, and it has lots of clean water. Also, in the Captain’s Quarters, there is sand. There is no real sand in Club Penguin, so he must have been able to get sand on Rockhopper Island.

Unlike Club Penguin Island, the main species in Rockhopper Island seems to be red puffles, instead of penguins. The only penguin living on this island is Rockhopper himself. Other animals include clams and scallops.

The flora of Rockhopper Island includes fruit trees. And when Rockhopper opened his Captain’s Quarters, there were palm trees inside, so where else would Rockhopper have gotten them besides Rockhopper Island?

Three little islands

The three little islands next to the shore

The three little islands next to the shore

The Three Little Islands are tiny islands located to the left of Club Penguin Island, near the shore next to the Mountain, according to maps in the Spy Headquarters and the Ship Hold. No one has ever visited them or found out much about them. One of them might be the Ninja Hideout.

The Three Little Islands are tiny islands located to the left of Club Penguin Island, near the shore next to the Mountain, according to maps in the Spy Headquarters and the Ship Hold. No one has ever visited them or found out much about them. One of them might be the Ninja Hideout.


The Iceberg is a secret area that can only be accessed from the Map. To get there, go to the Map and click on the small Ice Berg in the top right corner. It has a game, Aqua Grabber.
Tipping the Iceberg
It is widely rumored that it is possible to tip the Iceberg when 100 penguins are on one side of it. Some players say all 100 have to be drilling or dancing. Other penguins even say that each individual gets a certain number of coins, but this number has been said to be anywhere from 300 coins to 1,000,000. The Ice Berg tip has never been done, but it may happen in the future as a community event. But as for now, it is impossible.
A real surge of tipping appeared after a comic in The Penguin Times showed two bored penguins who tried to tip the Ice Berg and succeeded. In another edition of the same newspaper, Aunt Arctic answered whether the Ice Berg had ever been tipped. She said that she had never seen the feat, and that there probably will be no reward for it, proclaiming, “Tipping the Iceberg is a reward enough!”.
This article was there to match with the Secret Agent Mission #1. In this mission, some penguins were trapped in a piece of ice and the secret agent had to save them.
Also in the Secret Agent Mission 6, when Herbert P. Bear explains that the iceberg he was traveling on tipped. When the player asks how he managed to tip it, he replies, “I don’t know! Icebergs aren’t supposed to tip!”, indicating that the Iceberg is not tippable (tippable is not a real word, but it is the only ‘word’ that fits in the above sentence) .
However, in the book ‘The Spice of Life‘ Smulley says his friend saw the Ice Berg tip but Suneroo argues that the friend also said that you can get more coins in Jet Pack Adventure without collecting any. They both think thats crazy. However, this is true so Ice Berg tip might also be true.

The Block of Ice

On December 28, 2007, there were sightings of blocks of ice when fans of Rockhopper looked through the telescope at the Beacon. An iceberg (not the iceberg that is a room of Club Penguin) collided with Rockhopper’s ship, and the ship sank. Rockhopper and Yarr escaped unharmed, and rowed to the shore. After a brief stay, he made the decision to row back to Rockhopper island in a minuscule rowboat. The Migrator was salvaged and eventually reinstalled at its normal docking point on the beach. 
Aurora borealis in the real world
Aurora borealis in the real world
  • On New Year’s Day 2007, players found that they could walk in the sky and in the water around the Ice Berg. This was fixed in the middle of the day.
  • There were fireworks here and at the mountain On New Years Day 2008.
  • Most people don’t see it as a “secret” room because almost everybody knows about it.


  • During the Christmas Party 2007, a small Christmas tree was there.
  • Before the 2008 Sub Party there was a lot of construction going on at the Ice Berg.
  • When the 2008 April Fools Party came, the iceberg became a bucket or pan of water with ice cubes.
  • On the Water Party of 2008, you could enter the Inflatable Whale from there.
  • During the Music Jam in July 2008, The Band played on the iceberg. However, they went on breaks quit often.
  • During Halloween solar eclipse of 2006 the Aurora Australis, or Southern Lights were visible.


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