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April 10, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt 2009 Full Guide!!

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Easter is this Sunday and Sensei has hidden eggs around Club Penguin for us to find. At the end, when we find them, we get a prize! Here’s the cheats for today!

Easter Egg Hunt



To start out, click the Easter Egg in the right corner of the screen to see how many and what eggs you’ve found, and for hints!

Easter Egg 1



The first egg is in the Town in the right light on the Night Club!


East Egg 2


The second Easter egg is floating in the water by the rocks at the Cove!


Easter Egg 3


The third Easter egg can be found at the Mine, roll your courser over the Mine Shaft and the egg will role out on a cart!


Easter Egg 4


The fourth Easter egg is outside the Dojo, click the egg with the Chinese script on it to collect the fourth egg!


Easter Egg 5


The fifth egg is hidden under the dark gray fuzzy hat in the Gift Shop, Click it to pop up the hat and collect the egg!


Easter Egg 6


To find the sixth egg role your courser over the cooler to make dead fish appear along with the sixth egg!


Easter Egg 7


The seventh egg is at the top of the Ski Hill, click the top of the pole (the tip of the egg) to make the egg jump up and collect it. Your almost done with the hunt!

Easter Egg 8



Click the off switch on the Beacon to turn off the light and reveal the egg! Now collect that egg and claim your prize.

Easter Egg Hunt Prize


Figures, the Prize is the returned (and once rare) pink bunny ears.


Golden Puffle Stage Play


Here are the cheats and text from my original “Quest For The Golden Puffle” Stage Play!


Click the Golden Puffle for the Crook & Flail (300 Coins)! I like when CP has cheats in the Costume Trunk!

Now here are the original pics from the Quest For The Golden Puffle (note all the pics below were from the first time this play was at the stage, the items in the catalog pics below are the same items in the catalog at the the Stage right now)

  • Alaska’s explorer hat(300 coins)
  • Lasso(150 coins)
  • Sienna explorer outfit(650 coins)
  • Beige explorer outfit(650 coins)
  • Safari hat(250 coins)
  • Supply bag(700 coins)

  • Pharaoh costume(800 coins)
  • Crook and flail(300 coins)
  • Gold bracelets(200 coins)
  • Pharaoh headdress(500 coins)
  • Mummy costume(600 coins)

  • Adventure background(60 coins and can be purchased by non-members to)
  • Directors hat(250 coins)

Quest for the golden puffle came back to the stage because it was the winner of most of the Penguin Play Awards, to bad Ruby and the Ruby didn’t win, it was my fav play and it most likely would have come back. The Quest For The Golden Puffle has been back more then 2 times now. Maybe the awards were rigged like everything (lol, jk, but maybe they were). There’s one more update for tonight.

New Pin


The Chocolate Bunny Pin is located at the Forest, least the pin’s related the the holiday (and everything else going on on Club Penguin). Most of the pins now and days are big, over sized, and ugly. Any of you like the new pins?

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