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April 2, 2009

Club Penguin Times Issue #181

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April Fools maybe over but the silliness doesn’t stop! Check out the new Club Penguin Time Issue (beware if you don’t like doodles, or to doodle, don’t look at this post).


April Fools Party


Gary The Gadget Guy talks about the Portal’s that can be bought at the Box Store (Members Only), the Box Store will not be around forever and will leave along with the April Fools Party, but will the Box Dimension Room stay forever? Gary can also be found at the Penguin Play Awards!

Penguin Band Interview


There gig is over but the Penguin Times got up with them for a quick interview on page A4 and A5! Don’t miss the Penguin Play Awards ending April 9th. You can see the Results at the Voting Poll at the Plaza starting April 3rd!

5 More Snow Sculpture Winners


The last 5 Snow Sculpture Winners are revealed:

  • Doudou15
  • Monalooka
  • Zohannah7
  • DJ Girl Rox
  • Giraffe106

As always you will need to waddle around and find them on Club Penguin. Congrats to the last 5 Winners. Sorry if you didn’t win.

In Focus


The Sensei leaves his usual post in the Dojo to take a walk with the Club Penguin Times. Does this mean he can leave? Can we meat him? He also mentions Tipping the Iceberg and has this to say: “Try aiming bigger…”! Whats that supposed to mean? Aim bigger on the Ice Berg? Maybe hes talking about the Tip Top. Idk

Top Secret



^^^It says it all^^^

Mini Game


Puffle-So-Cute-O with boxes. Basically the picture above says it all^^

Rockhopper Time Line


Basically a Time Line of what Rockhopper is doing while sailing. Its like a journal entry from him but in the Newspaper. Here are the real upcoming events.


Shweet. Easter is almost here.

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