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March 28, 2009

New Club Penguin Martial Arts Catalog, Snow & Sports, and Game Upgrades!

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Club Penguin has added 2 new catalogs, 5 new Snow Sculptures, and Game Upgrades!

New Martial Arts Catalog (Ninja’s Only)


Only 2 new items, one Clothing and one Furniture! Check em out.


  • White Gi – 800 Coins


  • Tea Table (Furniture Item) – 650 Coins

No cheats in the Martial Arts Catalog.

March 09 Snow and Sports – New Items


Check out the new Snow and Sports! Cheats below the new items in the Catalog.


  • Blue Ball Cap – 200 Coins
  • Blue Baseball Uniform – 600 Coins
  • Baseball Helmet – 300 Coins
  • Baseball Glove – 300 Coins
  • Red Baseball Uniform – 600 Coins


  • Pink Visor – 150 Coins
  • Pink Tennis Outfit – 450 Coins
  • White Head Band – 100 Coins
  • Tennis Racket – 250 Coins
  • Orange Tennis Outfit – 500 Coins
  • Tennis Shoes – 250 Coins


(Furniture Items)

  • Tennis Net – 450 Coins
  • Tennis Court – 700 Coins
  • Home Plate – 150 Coins
  • Pitchers Mound – 175 Coins
  • Base – 100 Coins

Ok you probably didn even care about that so just take a look at the cheats =P



Click the Green Baseball Player in the background for the Green Baseball Uniform (Uniform – 600 Coins. Green Cap – 200 Coins)


Click the Pitchers Mound for the Red Ball Cap (200 Coins)

Only 2 cheats :/

Game Upgrades

You can find the Hydro-Hopper Gear at the Dock. For each game there is a Catalog. You can click the peice of paper on the gear for the Catalog or click the Catalog in the lower right hand corner.


For the Hydro-Hopper Gear, you can buy 2 Designs of a Wake Board for 300 coins.

You can find the Cathin’ Waves Gear outside the Surf Hut at the Cove.


You can buy 2 Designs of Surf Boards for 400 coins.


Click the word “Waves” for the Silver Surfboard (800 Coins)

You can find the gear for Ice Fishing out side the Ice Fishing door in the Ski Lodge.


You can buy a Fishing Rod that you can catch the Silver Fish with. The Fishing Rod is 200 coins.

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