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March 26, 2009

Newspaper Issue #180

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Penguin Play Awards Continue, Game Upgrades, Gary the Gadget Guy, warping, and more! Club Penguin Times Issue #180:

Penguin Play Awards Continue


Don’t know what to wear to the Penguin Play Awards? Need expert help? Then check out the first article in the Newspaper for just that!

More Snow Sculptures


5 More Snow Sculpture Winners are unvailed and there Snow Sculptures will be reveiled around the Island this Friday! The 5 More Winners include:

  • Yacou123
  • Zsanett
  • Eggy1plant
  • Imagem
  • Extraboum

See there Snow Sculptures this Friday!

Game Upgrades


Club Penguin will be upgrading the Club Penguin Games this Friday! Most penguins don’t know that you can buy special gear to help you in games. So starting March 27th, the Sport Shop will be selling items on location of games! Be prepared to see signs at these locations around the Island:

  • Ski Hill (Sled Racing)
  • Cove (Cathin’ Waves)
  • Dock (Hydro-Hopper)
  • Ski Lodge (Ice Fishing)

Every sign will be beside items you can buy to help you in that game! Club Penguin is also working on a few special surprises! I’ll have all of this and more on Friday/Thursday Night ;)

Play Inspires Inventor


The Penguin Play Awards inspired Gary’s new fascinating Invention that will “warp” penguins to different areas of the Island for the April Fools Party (how did I know that a few days ago)! Gary’s last invention, the Switchbox 3000 has had great success at the Stage. One of the Award Nominations, “Penguin’s That Time Forgot” started with Gary combulating his Brain Waves (organizing his thought) and the possibility of the warp. Gary is working on the warp and will be at the Penguin Play Awards to check up on the Switchbox 3000 from April 2-9! Penguin Play Award Famous Penguin Tracker

In Focus


In Focus: Action Plays!

Top Secret


Hidden Emotes? Check em out:


I like to Fart (Sing – ET)

Sensei’s Fortune Cookie


Wanna know the Sensei’s Fortune Cookie?


New Martial Arts Catalog coming March 27th!

Upcoming Events



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