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March 12, 2009

Newspaper Issue #178

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St. Patty’s Day 09, Penguin Play Awards, Snow Sculptures and more in the Club Penguin Times Issue #178

St. Patrick’s Day 09


The St. Patrick’s Day Party starts tomorrow and will be the greenest party ever (except for my parties :) . The party will include tons of surprises for members and for non members including a underground surprise for members and a secret entrance to a Leprechaun’s Tree House in the Forest!


The First Annual Penguin Play Awards start March 20th! 5 Plays will make the short list and penguins can vote for there favorite plays in several categories! They also state to have a very special “Guest List”! Maybe Billybob and the mods will make appearance?

Snow Sketches


Artists are still very welcome and encouraged to submit their design for the Snow Sculpture Contest! The White Puffles and Penguin Play Awards are inspiring penguins all over the island to submit their designs, don’t delay, submit today and up until March 19th!

In Focus


Ah Finally a new In Focus: Cuisine

Top Secret


PSA Missions:


Is CP hinting towards a new mission?

Upcoming Events




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