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March 5, 2009

Newspaper Issue #177

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White Puffles almost here, St Pats Day, Penguin Play Awards, and much more! Club Penguin Times Issue #177 is here!

Penguin Play Awards


The first ever Penguin Play Awards will be showing at the Stage March 20th!

Over 13 Blockbuster Stage Plays have aired at the Stage and are ready to be awarded in these categories: Best Overall Play, Best Sound, Best Effects, Best Costume and Best Set! Based on Popular Polls (in the Club Penguin Community Section) the Stage Society has narrowed it down to the best plays and nominates should be announced in next weeks Club Penguin Times.

Don’t miss out this Star Studded, Red Carpet Member Event starting March 20th!!

White Puffles Almost Ready


After a hard week of rounding up White Puffles, Puffle experts have rounded up enough puffles to be adopted tonight at 9:00 PM PST! Everyone will be raving about the White Pufflesand I will be here to present you guys with the latest and greatest Puffle! But for now, rave on some of this White Puffle info, it is all we know.

  • White Puffles seem very calm and timid but Puffle Experts say they are very tricky but are extremely powerful.
  • White Puffles are smaller then normal Puffles (see picture below)
    The Red Puffle is the normal Puffle size, now look at the White Puffle
  • The small size and color of the White Pufflesmade it easy for them to hide for years with out us knowing!

Don’t forget they will be ready to adopt tonight at 9:00 PM PST! Check back here for all the info ;)

Snow Sculptures


The annual Festival of Snow is back this month and a total of 15 Winners will have their Sculptures revealed around Club Penguin and receive 10,000 Coins!

Don’t delay, Submit today!

St. Pats Day


St. Pats day has almost arrived back in Club Penguin, CP will be going all out this year with green, green, and more green! Any one thinkin a Leprecon Party? LepreconPractice? Yes, I will have both of those over the St. Pats day party starting March 20th. Catch tomorrows Penguin Style Catalog for some Green clothes =P

In Focus


In Focus: The Stage

Top Secret


Cart Surfer Moves:


Ahh, I remember when I used to put in hard hours of Cart Surfing to get coins…

Upcoming Events



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