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March 28, 2009

New Club Penguin Martial Arts Catalog, Snow & Sports, and Game Upgrades!

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Club Penguin has added 2 new catalogs, 5 new Snow Sculptures, and Game Upgrades!

New Martial Arts Catalog (Ninja’s Only)


Only 2 new items, one Clothing and one Furniture! Check em out.


  • White Gi – 800 Coins


  • Tea Table (Furniture Item) – 650 Coins

No cheats in the Martial Arts Catalog.

March 09 Snow and Sports – New Items


Check out the new Snow and Sports! Cheats below the new items in the Catalog.


  • Blue Ball Cap – 200 Coins
  • Blue Baseball Uniform – 600 Coins
  • Baseball Helmet – 300 Coins
  • Baseball Glove – 300 Coins
  • Red Baseball Uniform – 600 Coins


  • Pink Visor – 150 Coins
  • Pink Tennis Outfit – 450 Coins
  • White Head Band – 100 Coins
  • Tennis Racket – 250 Coins
  • Orange Tennis Outfit – 500 Coins
  • Tennis Shoes – 250 Coins


(Furniture Items)

  • Tennis Net – 450 Coins
  • Tennis Court – 700 Coins
  • Home Plate – 150 Coins
  • Pitchers Mound – 175 Coins
  • Base – 100 Coins

Ok you probably didn even care about that so just take a look at the cheats =P



Click the Green Baseball Player in the background for the Green Baseball Uniform (Uniform – 600 Coins. Green Cap – 200 Coins)


Click the Pitchers Mound for the Red Ball Cap (200 Coins)

Only 2 cheats :/

Game Upgrades

You can find the Hydro-Hopper Gear at the Dock. For each game there is a Catalog. You can click the peice of paper on the gear for the Catalog or click the Catalog in the lower right hand corner.


For the Hydro-Hopper Gear, you can buy 2 Designs of a Wake Board for 300 coins.

You can find the Cathin’ Waves Gear outside the Surf Hut at the Cove.


You can buy 2 Designs of Surf Boards for 400 coins.


Click the word “Waves” for the Silver Surfboard (800 Coins)

You can find the gear for Ice Fishing out side the Ice Fishing door in the Ski Lodge.


You can buy a Fishing Rod that you can catch the Silver Fish with. The Fishing Rod is 200 coins.

March 27, 2009

Looking For an Author Round 2

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Hello everyone Round 1 has finished so here is Round 2.  Only these people can enter:

  • Bubba1960
  • Waddle 1463
  • cpsnumber1fann
  • Kosta Leka
  • Graysnow
  • rockhopp3r
  • kurbykudly8
  • EricE

Those 8 peoplemade it to Round 2.  Now only 5 people will proceed to Round 3 .  To proceed you will have to comment the most.  So the first 5 people out of 8 that comments the most will proceed to Round 3.

Round 2 will end on Friday 10th April

Round 3 will begin on Sat 11th April

March 26, 2009

Newspaper Issue #180

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Penguin Play Awards Continue, Game Upgrades, Gary the Gadget Guy, warping, and more! Club Penguin Times Issue #180:

Penguin Play Awards Continue


Don’t know what to wear to the Penguin Play Awards? Need expert help? Then check out the first article in the Newspaper for just that!

More Snow Sculptures


5 More Snow Sculpture Winners are unvailed and there Snow Sculptures will be reveiled around the Island this Friday! The 5 More Winners include:

  • Yacou123
  • Zsanett
  • Eggy1plant
  • Imagem
  • Extraboum

See there Snow Sculptures this Friday!

Game Upgrades


Club Penguin will be upgrading the Club Penguin Games this Friday! Most penguins don’t know that you can buy special gear to help you in games. So starting March 27th, the Sport Shop will be selling items on location of games! Be prepared to see signs at these locations around the Island:

  • Ski Hill (Sled Racing)
  • Cove (Cathin’ Waves)
  • Dock (Hydro-Hopper)
  • Ski Lodge (Ice Fishing)

Every sign will be beside items you can buy to help you in that game! Club Penguin is also working on a few special surprises! I’ll have all of this and more on Friday/Thursday Night ;)

Play Inspires Inventor


The Penguin Play Awards inspired Gary’s new fascinating Invention that will “warp” penguins to different areas of the Island for the April Fools Party (how did I know that a few days ago)! Gary’s last invention, the Switchbox 3000 has had great success at the Stage. One of the Award Nominations, “Penguin’s That Time Forgot” started with Gary combulating his Brain Waves (organizing his thought) and the possibility of the warp. Gary is working on the warp and will be at the Penguin Play Awards to check up on the Switchbox 3000 from April 2-9! Penguin Play Award Famous Penguin Tracker

In Focus


In Focus: Action Plays!

Top Secret


Hidden Emotes? Check em out:


I like to Fart (Sing – ET)

Sensei’s Fortune Cookie


Wanna know the Sensei’s Fortune Cookie?


New Martial Arts Catalog coming March 27th!

Upcoming Events



March 21, 2009

Ultra Rare Member Penguin and Beta Tester Account!

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Hi Penguins!! DjSplash here! My Friend Gave me some awsome accounts for you to try out. One of them are a beta!

Name: dance2

Pass: dancer   (Ultra ultra rare member that can talk!)


Name: silvermist

Pass: silver        (Beta and Member Penguin!0


DONT BAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Waddle On!

But not to far!

March 20, 2009

Club Penguin Stage Play – Penguin Play Awards & Igloo Catalog Cheats

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The Penguin Play Awards and here and I’m you reporter from start to finish! Starting now…

Penguin Play Awards Voting Polls

To start the tour off, waddle over to the Voting Polls (open to all) and vote for your favorite plays in your favorite categoris!


To vote for you favorite play, start of by clicking continue.


Then select your favorite play in each category (I think Ruby & The Ruby killed every other play) and click submit.


To end your voting click done and continue into the Stage (sorry, Members only). See the results at the Penguin Play Awards on April 3!

Penguin Play Awards

penguin-play-awards-inside1 (credit to my friend)

For Non Members, this is what the inside of the Penguin Play Awards looks like!


You can watch a short preview of the top 5 nominees on the Big Screen TV.


You can click on the Switchbox3000 to shoot out confetti, make a yellow puffle appear and more!

backstage (Credit to my friend)

You can head on Back Stage for a free Penguin Play Award!


Here is a look at the Back Stage of the Penguin Play Awards, its rumored Aunt Arctic may visit back here during the Awards.

penguin-play-free-item (Credit to my friend)

You can collect a free Penguin Play Award for your penguin!


Head back to the Main Stage and check out the Costume Trunk for Costumes from the following plays:

  • Quest For The Golden Puffle
  • Fairy Fables
  • The Penguins That Time Forgot
  • Ruby and the Ruby
  • Squidzoid vs Shadow Guy and Gamma Girl

You can also get a Microphone on the first page before the costumes.

Costume Trunk Cheats


Click the Penguin Play Award for the Penguin Awards Background (60 Coins)


Click the Wig for the Cheap Time Travel Hat (10 Coins)


Click the word Vs for the Squidzoid Costume (600 Coins)

Now switching the topic to Igloo Catalogs! Check em out.

New Igloo Upgrades


Along with a new Better Igloos, there’s also a new Igloo Upgrades! There is one new igloo.


The new Restaurant Igloo is 4,800 Coins!

Same old Cheats for the Igloo Upgrades.

March – April Better Igloos


In this catalog you can buy all the items that where in the Pizza Parlor for the Penguin Games (if you can remember what was there, which you probably cant so just look below)


  • Super Nova Shadow Box – 400 Coins
  • Gamma Girl Shadow Box – 400 Coins
  • Shadow Guy Shadow Box – 400 Coins
  • Formal Table – 550 Coins
  • Formal Chair – 300 Coins
  • Electric Guitar Shadow Box – 600 Coins
  • Acoustic Guitar Shadow Box – 450 Coins

Sadly, there’s only 1 page of new items. All the other pages are from the last catalog.

But to make up for that, there or lots of cheats this time ;)

March – April Better Igloos Cheats



Click the Gold Plack on the Guitar Shadow Box for the Disco Ball (700 Coins)


Click the word Puffle for the White Puffle Poster (75 Coins)



Click the Koi Pond for the Ice Table (350 Coins)


Click the Pinata for the Aquarium (500 Coins)


Click the Red Rope for the Welcome Mat (75 Coins)


Click the Left Snow Fort for the Green Bird House (200 Coins)

Now lastly, check out the first 5 Snow Sculpture Winners!

5 Snow Sculpture Winners

(There not in order, but the order I found them in) The first one is located in the Light House and is a Castle made by a Yellow Puffle! The winner for this Sculpture was:


Congrats Marco A9!

The Second Sculpture is a bunch of Penguins and there Puffles, there Puffles appear to be playing. The winner of this Snow Sculpture was:


Congrats Ice4biel!

The Third Sculpture is at the Beach and is a Penguin Surfing! This Sculpture was made by:


Congrats Rosette37!

The Fourth Sculpture is at the Beacon and is a bunch of famous penguins including Rockhopper, Sensei, Aunt Arctic, and Gary! This Sculpture was made by:


Congrats Wubby98!

The last Snow Sculpture is at the Ski Village and is a penguin waving! This Sculpture was made by:


Congrats Lucasbas!

March 19, 2009

Club Penguin Times Issue #179

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Penguin Play Awards, Penguin Play Nominees, and the first 5 Snow Sculpture Winners!

Penguin Play Awards


Penguin’s all over the island are getting ready for the first annual Penguin Play Awards airing this Friday! You can help out with the Construction at the Stage right now. Here are the 5 Categories for the first Penguin Play Awards:


  • Best Play
  • Best Music
  • Best Costume
  • Best Set
  • Best Special Effects

Top Five Nominees


The Top Five Nominees for the Penguin Play Awards have been announced! You can vote for these Plays in the categories above starting Friday:

  • Fairy Fables
  • Squidzoid vs Shadow Guy and Gamma Girl
  • The Penguins That Time Forgot
  • Quest For The Golden Puffle
  • Ruby and the Ruby

Snow Sculpture Contest


The First Five Snow Sculpture winners have been announced, the first five winners are…






St. Patrick’s Day Review


Check out the St. Patrick’s Day Review in this issue of the Newspaper!

In Focus


In Focus: Fairy Fables

Top Secret


Special Dances:


Upcoming Events



March 17, 2009

Looking for an Author Round 1

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I am looking for an author to work on my site because I Have my other website to manage also.

All you have to do is comment with the following details(just copy and paste):

1. How often are you on Club Penguin?

2. Do you already own/work on a site (if so, please specify)?

3. What country are you from?

4. What time zone are you in?

5. What is your email (don’t worry- it will not be published)?

6. If you have a site, how long after Club Penguin updates (e.g. parties, pins, etc.) will you post it on your site?

7. Why you want to be an author:

8.  Will you donate anything to Hamruninu22? (don’t worry if you won’t):

So just copy and paste this on the comment box.

Round 1 will end on Friday 27 March

Round 2 begins Saturday 28 March

So comment if you want to work on my site?

March 13, 2009

Club Penguin 2009 St. Patrick’s Day Party & More!

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CREDIT to LUx1200.  Club Penguin isn’t loading for me

The Club Penguin Island is filled with green and over run by leprechauns and pots of gold! Its the St. Patrick’s Day 2009!

Free Items


You can find the first Free Item in the Coffee Shop! It is a Shamrock Hat and it is returned and is now not rare.
You can find the second Members Only Free Item in the Leprechaun House (check below for more info on the Leprechaun House). If you dance with just the free item you will play it (like the guitar or keytar)
Members Only Leprechaun House
You can enter the Leprechaun House from the Forest.
On the inside you can pick up a Accordion (the thing Irish people play), Click the Fire Wood to make the fire bigger and and click the thing sitting on the upper platform to make them it do a special effect!
Rainbows & Pin
You can see Rainbows at the Town, Snow Forts, Plaza, Dock, and Ice Berg
If you go to the Ice Berg you can see the Rainbow ending at the Ski Mountain. Use your map to go to the Ski Mountain!
At the end of the Rainbow will be a big pot o’ gold and the Lucky Coin Pin (Warning: This pins is very big and ugly. Pick up with caution)
St. Patrick’s Day Log In Screen
New St. Pat’s Day Login Screen!
Stage Under Construction
The Stage is Under Construction for the Penguin Play Awards starting March 20th!
Inside you can see some boxes and a Giant Penguin Play Award sticking out of one of them (just like the big awards at the Oscars). The Costume Trunk is also empty.

March 12, 2009

Newspaper Issue #178

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St. Patty’s Day 09, Penguin Play Awards, Snow Sculptures and more in the Club Penguin Times Issue #178

St. Patrick’s Day 09


The St. Patrick’s Day Party starts tomorrow and will be the greenest party ever (except for my parties :) . The party will include tons of surprises for members and for non members including a underground surprise for members and a secret entrance to a Leprechaun’s Tree House in the Forest!


The First Annual Penguin Play Awards start March 20th! 5 Plays will make the short list and penguins can vote for there favorite plays in several categories! They also state to have a very special “Guest List”! Maybe Billybob and the mods will make appearance?

Snow Sketches


Artists are still very welcome and encouraged to submit their design for the Snow Sculpture Contest! The White Puffles and Penguin Play Awards are inspiring penguins all over the island to submit their designs, don’t delay, submit today and up until March 19th!

In Focus


Ah Finally a new In Focus: Cuisine

Top Secret


PSA Missions:


Is CP hinting towards a new mission?

Upcoming Events




March 8, 2009

Beta Penguin Contest

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Hey everyone

DJ Splash has a beta she used and she’s going to give it away.  All you have to is to head over to http://www.djsplash.wordpress.com

Here is an image:

So don’t forget to enter and tell her that I told you.


Contest Winners

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The contests have ended and we have the 4 winners

  • Henry515  (Most Commenter)
  • Kiosk 99  (Guessed the number which was 2009)
  • Kleerofski A.K.A D J Splash ( Advertised the most)
  • Cassya (Best blog title)

So Henry wins a member

Kiosk another member

Dj Splash a rare non member

Cassya a member


New Author!

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Hi Penguins!! I am a new author of Hamruninu22’s site, and i really appriaciate him making me a author. Thank you to him! I also have a website which is:


Waddle On!
But not to far!

March 6, 2009

White puffles have arrived+ Penguin Style

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(Credit to Lux1200)

Club Penguin’s White Puffles are ready to be adopted in the Pet Shop now! Plus a new Penguin Style Catalog, I have all the White Puffle news and cheats below ;)

White Puffles


First thing you’ll notice is that Club Penguin re-did the Adopt A Puffle Catalog, but more on that later!


Go to the towards the back of the Catalog (past the Yellow Puffle) and there lye the White Puffle Page! Here you can adopt a White Puffle and find out more info on them.

  • Attitude: gentle, strong
  • Favorite Toy: ice skates
  • Cool Fact: can turn anything into ice with their breathe

If your having trouble finding a name for your furry friend try Frosty, Blizzard, Snow, White Out, Snow Ball, things of that nature =P

White Puffle Info


Once you adopt your White Puffle, he will be in your Igloo. Go their to feed, play, and put him to sleep.



When you play with your White Puffle, he will blow a half pipe Ice Sculpture and spin around in it! The second activitey he does is blowes out ice into an mini Ice Skating Rink and Ice Skates!



The White Puffles eat and Sleep like normal Puffles, but seems to sleep longer?!?




Lastly, the White Puffles have a unique way of chewing gum, taking a bath, and eating cookies! When you give your White Puffle a bath he will jump in the Bath Tub/Mini Pool and freeze the water, then shatter it! When you make your White Puffle Chew Gum, he will blow a big bubble, freeze it, and pop it! And when you give him a Cookie he will cut it in half, and eat both half’s!

Here are some White Puffle Pictures for everyone to look at:





Last in the Puffle News, Club Penguin re-did the Adopt A Puffle Catalog

New Adopt A Puffle Catalog


Club Penguin made some major tweaks to the Adopt A Puffle Catalog, members can also adopt up to 16 Puffles instead of 14!


You can now find out more info on Puffles like how they go into games with you and more!


For more Puffle Info, check out the Table of Contents on the First Page of the Adopt a Puffle Catalog!

But for now,….

Check out the March issue of Penguin Style, get your Suite or Dress for the Penguin Play Awards!

Penguin Style March 09′


This issue is based on Outfits for the Penguin Play Awards airing at the Stage Play March 20th!


  • Leprechaun Tuxedo – 560 Coins
  • Seafoam Dress – 580 Coins


  • Top Hat – 350 Coins
  • Black Bowtie – 50 Coins
  • Tuxedo – 800 Coins
  • Black Dress Shoes – 420 Coins
  • The Sidewinder – 500 Coins
  • Blue Dazzle Dress – 600 Coins
  • Blue Stardust Slippers – 200 Coins
  • The Beekeeper – 750 Coins
  • Pearl Necklace – 550 Coins
  • Lavender Gown – 800 Coins


  • The Flickster – 500 Coins
  • White Tuxedo – 800 Coins
  • The Starlette – 700 Coins
  • Black Party Dress – 700 Coins
  • Pink Bow Dress Shoes – 420 Coins


  • Blue Top Hat – 350 Coins
  • White Bowtie – 50 Coins
  • Blue Tuxedo – 800 Coins
  • White Dress Shoes – 420 Coins

Penguins At Work

  • Painter Overalls – 500 Coins

Penguin Style March 09′ Backgrounds


1st one – New (Leprechaun Background), 2nd one – New (Penguin Play Awards Background), 3rd one – Old (Blue Background), and 4th one –  Rare/Returned (Nightlight Background)

Penguin Style March 09′ Cheats


Click the Pot of Gold for the Pot of Gold (200 Coins)


Click the “More…” for the Boa (300 Coins and used to be rare)



Click the Middle of the Lights (were they cross and are lighter) for the Red Viking Helmet (750 Coins), open and close it 4 times for the Blue Viking Helmet (1,200 Coins)


Click the E in Coffee Shop for the Sikester (500 Coins) – Thanks Club Father


Click the Pink Tile in between the 2 penguins for the Spikette (500 Coins)

One more thing…

St. Pats Day Decor




There are St. Pats Day Decoration Boxes at the Forest, Cove and Ski Village!! Click the Window on the Tree Stump (Cove) to turn the lights on!

March 5, 2009

Newspaper Issue #177

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White Puffles almost here, St Pats Day, Penguin Play Awards, and much more! Club Penguin Times Issue #177 is here!

Penguin Play Awards


The first ever Penguin Play Awards will be showing at the Stage March 20th!

Over 13 Blockbuster Stage Plays have aired at the Stage and are ready to be awarded in these categories: Best Overall Play, Best Sound, Best Effects, Best Costume and Best Set! Based on Popular Polls (in the Club Penguin Community Section) the Stage Society has narrowed it down to the best plays and nominates should be announced in next weeks Club Penguin Times.

Don’t miss out this Star Studded, Red Carpet Member Event starting March 20th!!

White Puffles Almost Ready


After a hard week of rounding up White Puffles, Puffle experts have rounded up enough puffles to be adopted tonight at 9:00 PM PST! Everyone will be raving about the White Pufflesand I will be here to present you guys with the latest and greatest Puffle! But for now, rave on some of this White Puffle info, it is all we know.

  • White Puffles seem very calm and timid but Puffle Experts say they are very tricky but are extremely powerful.
  • White Puffles are smaller then normal Puffles (see picture below)
    The Red Puffle is the normal Puffle size, now look at the White Puffle
  • The small size and color of the White Pufflesmade it easy for them to hide for years with out us knowing!

Don’t forget they will be ready to adopt tonight at 9:00 PM PST! Check back here for all the info ;)

Snow Sculptures


The annual Festival of Snow is back this month and a total of 15 Winners will have their Sculptures revealed around Club Penguin and receive 10,000 Coins!

Don’t delay, Submit today!

St. Pats Day


St. Pats day has almost arrived back in Club Penguin, CP will be going all out this year with green, green, and more green! Any one thinkin a Leprecon Party? LepreconPractice? Yes, I will have both of those over the St. Pats day party starting March 20th. Catch tomorrows Penguin Style Catalog for some Green clothes =P

In Focus


In Focus: The Stage

Top Secret


Cart Surfer Moves:


Ahh, I remember when I used to put in hard hours of Cart Surfing to get coins…

Upcoming Events



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