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February 20, 2009

Club Penguin Puffle party

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Puffles, Puffles, and Puffles! That’s the topic today penguins as the Puffle Party arrives in Club Penguin!

Club Penguin has gone Puffles this weekend with the first ever Puffle Party! There are rooms for each different color Puffle, one new Free Item, a new Better Igloos Catalog, and a Puffle Feeding Area of the Snow Forts!

Puffle Rooms – Black Puffle

Black Puffle heaven! The Pool is now a Skate Park! I wish I could just jump in Club Penguin and skate with them.


Click the Red Button to close the Windows and make the Black Puffles (the ones not skating) catch fire and light up the room.

Puffle Rooms – Red Puffle

The Red Puffle Room is based on Pirates and Pirate Ships since the Red Puffle was originally from Rockhopper Island and where discovered by Rockhopper!


The one and only Free Item at the Puffle Party is in with the Red Puffles and is a Puffle Bandanna, it is an returned item.

Puffle Rooms – Blue Puffle


The Blue Puffle Room is at the Forest and is based on Balls with a giant Ball Pit, since Blue Puffles like to play with balls.

Puffle Rooms – Pink Puffle


The Pink Puffle Room is at the Iceberg because Pink Puffles like to go Snorkeling with there owners in Aqua Grabber! You can see Pink Puffles playing Jump Rope, bouncing on the Trampoline, and a Puffle Snorkeling!


You can see her pop up every few minutes!

Puffle Rooms – Yellow Puffle

The Yellow Puffles are at the Lighthouse painting and acting! You can see Yellow Puffles acting on the Stage and you can have a Yellow Puffle Paint you!


To get painted go stand on the board, it will say “Stand Here” above it. Waddle over and wait a few seconds and he will start to paint you!

Puffle Rooms – Green Puffle


The Green Puffles are flying around the Beacon with their Propeller Caps!


You can see Rockhopper in the distance making his way to Club Penguin!

Puffle Rooms – Purple Puffle


The Purple Puffles are at the Night Club dancing the night away!

Those are all designated rooms for the Puffles, here other rooms with cool things to do and see!

Puffle Party Rooms – Other

Head over to the Snow Forts to watch Puffle throw Snow Balls at each other and visit the Puffle Feeding Area!

Walk up the path to the Puffle Feeding Area!

You can “Feed” Puffle’s here by throwing Puffle O’s into there mouths!

Your Snow Balls will automatically turn into Puffle O’s!

Puffle Party Rooms – Other

There’s a Puffle Disco going on at the Pet Shop, go ahead and dance with the Purple Puffle!

Puffle Party Rooms – Other

There is GIANT Puffle Furniture all around Club Penguin!

That about does it for the Puffle Party, pretty cool but not much to do and only 1 free item, but its a returned one :(


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