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February 27, 2009

Rockhopper is here!

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Update: Please leave some comments and tell your friends about my website beacuse my hits are going down

Today we’ve got our Pirate Friend Rockhopper back in Club Penguin and a new Pin!

Migrator Glitch


Check out this little Migrator Glitch, an E will appear in the word Migrator on the back of the Ship every second. It looks pretty funny.

Rockhopper’s Rare Items


Rockhopper’s Rare Items

  • Treasure Map Background – Free
  • Wall Map (Furniture Item) – 250 Coins
  • Treasure Chest (Furniture Item) – 800 Coins
  • Swashbucker Outfit – 550 Coins

For some reason I expected him to bring those items?

There’s one more item to add to that list!

Rockhopper’s Rare Item Cheat



Click the Island with the X on it at the end of the trail for Porthole (Furniture Item – 160 Coins)

Rockhopper’s Corkboard


If you look very closely you can see a White Puffle in the picture were Rockhopper is walking Yarr:


How do ya like dem apples?

Yarr’s on a walk with Rockhopper (Thanks swirlz901)

Rockhopper Postcard


Check out the new Rockhopper Postcard!

Berry-O Pin

The Berry-O Pin is at the Iceberg, personally, the new pins are big and ugly. I don’t even like wearing them.

Until then…

Waddle on…


February 26, 2009

White Puffles in Puffle Round Up

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White Puffles have been captured in Puffle Round-Up, it takes a few plays to see one so if you don’t see it the first time keep exiting the game, and then playing it until you spot one!




The White Puffle reacts very slow and you almost have to put your courser on him to make him move. Judging from that he will most likely have a very calm personality and probably be a little shy!

Until ten…

Waddle on…


Newspaper Issue #176

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Rockhopper, White Puffles, and a Snow Sculpture Contest!?!….This is the 176th Issue of the Club Penguin Times!

Rockhopper Is Near


Captain Rockhopper and his furry red friend Yarr are almost to Club Penguin! They should be here by February 27th, with him he will bring his Rare Items like usual! What could they be this time?

White Puffles Spotted



White Puffles now spotted in Puffle Roundup! They are no longer being seen at the Dojo or Mountain, but in Puffe Roundup! The Pet Shop is rounding them up to buy!

Sculpture Contest


Gary the Gadget Guy has been storing Snow in the Attic of the Ski Lodge since January for the annual Festival of Snow with Ice Sculptures all around Club Penguin! This year 1 lucky penguin will have their Sculpture showcased in Club Penguin! To enter simply make a Sculpture on your computer about Penguins, Snow Sports, Puffles, etc. and open to the newspaper and click summit.


The picture must be in a format of a JPG or PNG file. The winner will have their Sculpture showcased in Club Penguin at the Festival of Snow and receive 10,000 Coins! Contest ends March 20th.

In Focus


In Focus: Migrator

Top Secret


Classified Letter…


Did you know you could change the position of your Furniture?



If your a fan of Puffle-So-Cute-O, Check it out on page C6 of the Newspaper!

Upcoming Events



St. Patrick’s day is coming up! Woot!


February 24, 2009

Please donate

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Update: Scroll down fpr the latest news.

Hello Penguins.

This is Hamruninu22.  I am really in need of a donation.

You can donate the following:

  • 1 Month Membership
  • 6 Month Membership
  • 12 Month Membership
  • Series 1 Code(s)
  • Series 2 Code(s)
  • Command Room Code
  • Special Card Code
  • 15 WordPress Credits
  • 30 WordPress Credits
  • 800 Day old Non Member
  • 600 Day old Member
  • 1000 Day old on Member
  • 800 Day old Member
  • Something about Club Penguin

If you donate something of that you will be given the following items:

  • Author for 1 Month or 2
  • Blogroll Forever
  • Be Featured on my site
  • Have a banner on my site of yours
  • A 1000 day old penguin
  • Buddy with Hamruninu22 FOREVER
  • 200 Comments on my Comment Shop FREE
  • Featured Penguin of my next PARTY
  • I will get you 100,000 Coins on Club Penguin

So if you have something of the above e-mail me at ryan_mysterio_16_vella@hotmail.co.uk and then leave the rest to me.

Bye Bye and please donate something to me.


February 20, 2009

Club Penguin Puffle party

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Puffles, Puffles, and Puffles! That’s the topic today penguins as the Puffle Party arrives in Club Penguin!

Club Penguin has gone Puffles this weekend with the first ever Puffle Party! There are rooms for each different color Puffle, one new Free Item, a new Better Igloos Catalog, and a Puffle Feeding Area of the Snow Forts!

Puffle Rooms – Black Puffle

Black Puffle heaven! The Pool is now a Skate Park! I wish I could just jump in Club Penguin and skate with them.


Click the Red Button to close the Windows and make the Black Puffles (the ones not skating) catch fire and light up the room.

Puffle Rooms – Red Puffle

The Red Puffle Room is based on Pirates and Pirate Ships since the Red Puffle was originally from Rockhopper Island and where discovered by Rockhopper!


The one and only Free Item at the Puffle Party is in with the Red Puffles and is a Puffle Bandanna, it is an returned item.

Puffle Rooms – Blue Puffle


The Blue Puffle Room is at the Forest and is based on Balls with a giant Ball Pit, since Blue Puffles like to play with balls.

Puffle Rooms – Pink Puffle


The Pink Puffle Room is at the Iceberg because Pink Puffles like to go Snorkeling with there owners in Aqua Grabber! You can see Pink Puffles playing Jump Rope, bouncing on the Trampoline, and a Puffle Snorkeling!


You can see her pop up every few minutes!

Puffle Rooms – Yellow Puffle

The Yellow Puffles are at the Lighthouse painting and acting! You can see Yellow Puffles acting on the Stage and you can have a Yellow Puffle Paint you!


To get painted go stand on the board, it will say “Stand Here” above it. Waddle over and wait a few seconds and he will start to paint you!

Puffle Rooms – Green Puffle


The Green Puffles are flying around the Beacon with their Propeller Caps!


You can see Rockhopper in the distance making his way to Club Penguin!

Puffle Rooms – Purple Puffle


The Purple Puffles are at the Night Club dancing the night away!

Those are all designated rooms for the Puffles, here other rooms with cool things to do and see!

Puffle Party Rooms – Other

Head over to the Snow Forts to watch Puffle throw Snow Balls at each other and visit the Puffle Feeding Area!

Walk up the path to the Puffle Feeding Area!

You can “Feed” Puffle’s here by throwing Puffle O’s into there mouths!

Your Snow Balls will automatically turn into Puffle O’s!

Puffle Party Rooms – Other

There’s a Puffle Disco going on at the Pet Shop, go ahead and dance with the Purple Puffle!

Puffle Party Rooms – Other

There is GIANT Puffle Furniture all around Club Penguin!

That about does it for the Puffle Party, pretty cool but not much to do and only 1 free item, but its a returned one :(

Better Igloo Catalog

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Feb – March Better Igloos


  • Stacking Washer and Dryer – 1,000 Coins
  • Ironing Board – 600 Coins
  • Map Area Rug – 450 Coins
  • Astro Barrier Poster – 75 Coins
  • Thin Ice Poster – 75 Coins



  • Plastic Deck Chair – 400 Coins
  • Book Case – 450 Coins
  • Coffee Table – 300 Coins
  • Chair – 300 Coins
  • Couch – 500 Coins
  • Bean Bag Chair – 350 Coins


Puffle Posters, whats your favorite Puffle?

  • Puffle Posters (Purple, Yellow, Black, Blue, Red, Green, & Pink) – 75 Each


ALL PETS INCLUDED! If they weren’t, it would be a rip off!

  • Fish Bowl – 200 Coins
  • Koi Pond – 450 Coins
  • Blue Birdhouse – 170 Coins
  • Turtle Bowl – 250 Coins
  • Bird Cage – 350 Coins

That’s a lot of new stuff! But of course there aren’t as many cheats!

Feb – March Better Igloos Cheats


Click the Pinata for the Aquirium (Fish Included – 500 Coins)


Click the Left Snow Fort Pillar for the Green Birdhouse (200 Coins)


Click the Velvet Rope for the Welcome Mat (75 Coins)

February 19, 2009

Club Penguin Times Issue #175

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Puffle Party, Puffle Legends, and the Sensei’s Fortune Cookie?…

Puffle Party


Bring your puffle out to explore when the new Puffle Party arrives in Club Penguin this Friday! It will be all weekend long so don’t miss out.

Puffle Legends


This is an article I enjoyed reading, Puffle Legends! Are they real, or fake? You decide!


The Abominable Snow Puffle? Im thinkin no, probably just Herbert or Klutzy =P

legand2 puffle-legands2

The Rainbow Puffle! Maybe,…maybe not, no ones knows, but if it where,…that would be pretty cool!


The Golden Puffle. No, the closest thing to it is the Yellow Puffle, there will probably never be a Golden Puffle, except in the Stage Play!


The Meteor Puffle? Mmmmmm, I’m thinkin no, probably just another Black Puffle on fire!


The White Puffle! It could be true! White Puffle’s could be right in front of us and no one would know!

Club Penguin is defiantly hinting towards a New Puffle Color, its been awhile. November 2007 was the last time Puffle Trainers found a new Color Puffle!!

In Focus


In Focus: More Puffles!

Aunt Artcic Question


I rarely ever go into Aunt Arctic’s Questions but I stumbled upon this question: “How do we become famous?”.

Looks like Club Penguin is starting to notice famous penguins

Top Secret


Top Secret: Old and New Items


Club Penguin once again confirms that every item, except for Party Hats and Pins, will indeed return! So don’t go off buying some rare penguin for 100$ and then have all its items return ;)

Fortune Cookie


What will my fortune be?…


Arrg! Our old Pirate Friend be comin soon!

Upcoming Events



Oh No! Looks like our Pirate Friend may be a little late!

February 14, 2009

Huge contest!

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Update: The contest has ended now.  Thanks for all of you who entered.  I am currently seeing who won the contest.

Hello everybody!!

I’m going to have a HUGE contest.  The prizes are 2 members and 1 rare non member.

Here are their pics:





There will be 4 contests

1st Contest :

Comment the most on this post.  The most commenter on this post will receive the old member.

2nd Contest:

Guess a number between 1-4000.  You can only guess 10 times.  THe one who guesses it will receive a member.

3rd Contest:

Advertise my website on other people’s website.  Then comment saying which ones you advertised.  Also if you put me on your blogroll you get an extra 20 points.  You geta rare non member

4th  contest

Write a post on your website about the contets and leave it
till the contest ends.  Also if you advertise my other site which is
http://www.manchesterutd-fc.webs.com you get an extra 50 points.

SO start commenting now.

February 13, 2009

Puffle Party Construction, New Stage Play, and New Pin!

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Everything today besides the Stage play is PUFFLE! Check it out…

Puffle Party Construction



Club Penguin is getting ready for the Puffle Party! You can see some decorations in boxes at the Town, Plaza, and Ski Village!

You can also walk on the Coffee Shop and Gift Shop!


There are also decorations for each Puffle at a certain place, the Pink Puffle Decorations will be at the Iceberg

  • Purple Puffle – Night Club
  • Red Puffle – Cove
  • Blue Puffle – Forest
  • Black Puffle – Pool
  • Yellow Puffle – Lighthouse
  • Green Puffle – Lighthouse
  • Pink Puffle – Iceberg


Club Penguin  has also Drained the Pool and replaced the Water with the Black Puffle Box, they will most likely make the Pool into a Skate Park, since the Black Puffle likes to Skate!

Red vs Blue Stage Play


The Red vs Blue Stage Play has returned, it was originally named “Red vs Blue Debue!”!


There is also a Cheat in the Costume Trunk!


Click the Dodge Ball that the Red Penguin is holding for the Red Viking Helmet (750 Coins), don’t try and close and up it because that only works in the Penguin Style Catalog =P

Pretty odd to have that cheat in the Costume Trunk?!?

New Pin


The Puffle-O Pin is located at the Mine

Puffle Furniture Catalog


Club Penguin has improved the Puffle Furniture since our Puffle’s will now play with the Furniture!





Until then….

Waddle on….


February 12, 2009

Newspaper Issue #174

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Puffles will play, Puffle Party, Puffle In Focus, this issue’s all about Puffles!

Puffle Party


Bring each on of your Puffles to the First Annual Puffle Party starting February 20th! There will be a selected place for each Puffle! Walk each Puffle at this years Puffle Party!

Team Blue Is Back


Team Blue is back in this Dodge Ball throwing Stage Play (cmon CP, any NEW stage plays)! Check out the Dodge Ball tips on page A4!

In Focus


In Focus: Puffles

Top Secret


Top Secret stuff…..


Astro Barrier Secrets — Part 2!

Upcoming Events



Not much in this issue, it seems like there getting shorter and shorter?

February 7, 2009

Club Penguin Series 2 Mix ‘N’ Match Toys!

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Here are some pics of the Series 2 Mix ‘N’ Match Toys that are not in Stores yet!






Pretty sweet! You can find them on eBay before there in stores

February 6, 2009

Club Penguin Cheats For February Clothing Catalog

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Update: Click here to go to my other site and leave a comment there!!!

Here are the cheats for the new Club Penguin Clothing Catalog for the month of February!


Clothing Catalog “Back to Basics”


  • The Befluttered – 600 Coins
  • Pink Designer Scarf – 150 Coins
  • Pink Shirt – 150 Coins
  • Blue Shirt – 150 Coins
  • Blue Striped Scarf – 150 Coins
  • The Surf Knot – 550 Coins


  • Ball Caps (Green, Yellow, Pink) – 200 Each
  • Hoodies (Black, Purple, Pink, Green) – 400 Each


  • The Disco – 600 Coins
  • Blue Rollerskates – 260 Coins
  • The Sidetied Too – 500 Coins
  • Pink Rollerskates – 260 Coins
  • T-Shirts (Red, Yellow, Green) – 150 Each
  • Rugby Shirts (Red w/ Yellow, Blue w/ Green, Pink w/ Blue) – 400 Each

Penguins At Work


  • Pet Shop Staff Apron – 300 Coins

Wear the Apron to pour Puffle O’s

Clothing Catalog Cheats


Click the S in shirts for The Spikester (500 Coins)


Click the E in Penguins for The Spikette (500 Coins)



Click the Bubble for the Fruit Headdress (350 Coins)



Click the Flowers in the Pot for the Red Viking Helmet (750 Coins), open and close it 4 times for the Blue Viking Helmet (1,200 Coins)


Click the Nose of the Snow Man Head for the Yellow Scarf (150 Coins)

Thats it! Whats your fav item? I like the Black Hoodie!

February 5, 2009

How a Club Penguin item is made!

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Screenhog lets us know how a Club Penguin Item gets made!

Decide, Design, Draw, 3D…

Step 1: Decide. Usually, items are related to what events are happening that month, or where it will be used (like the costumes in the Costume Trunk).
Step 2: Design it. A rough drawing is made of what we think the item should look like (in this case, a tuba).


Step 3: A final drawing is made. This is a clean-up of the rough drawing, with detail, color, and shading added. The icon is also made (this is the drawing of the item that’s in your inventory).

Step 4: The clothing item is then made in 3D.



Then the item is added into Club Penguin!….Interesting!

Club Penguin Times Issue #173

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Puffle’s play more with there Furniture, January Review, Puffle-So-Cute-O, and more in the Club Penguin Times Issue #173!

Puffles Play More


Puffle Trainers some Puffleshave been interacting more with the Puffle Furniture from the Pet Shop and say all Puffleswill be interactive with there Furniture by February 13th!

January Review


January was an awesome month! Beginningwith a bang on New Years, then came the first Clothing Catalog of the New Year and the two rockin parties: Dance-A-Thon with Cadence and the Winter Fiesta,.. January was a blast!

In Focus


In Focus: Surf’s Up

Top Secret


This weeks “Top Secret” information is….


Cool, huh?

Newspaper Games


Mehh! Puffle So Cute O’s back, I don’t like it, but some of you do sooo,… check it out!

Upcoming Events





February 4, 2009

Club Penguin Clothing Catalog Sneak Peek!

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Here is a Sneak Peek to the upcoming Club Penguin Clothing Catalog with the theme: “Back to Basics”!


Screenhog will also be telling us how a Club Penguin Item gets made tomorrow, so stick around and I’ll have it right here for ya ;)


February 3, 2009

Happy77 Interviews Game Designer

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Club Penguin Moderator Happy77 interviews a game designer that helped design the new Dance Game in the Night Club!

Q: So what’s your absolute favorite game in Club Penguin and why?
A: Treasure Hunt (I love it partly because I got to help Screenhog make it and partly because its multiplayer). I also like playing Cart Surfer and Jet Pack Adventure.  I like Catchin’ Waves… but I’m not terribly good at it.

Q: Do you eat candy while you create games?
A: Loads of it – But we’ve got healthy candy… like those grain bars.

Q: What do you like best about games in general?
A: It’s brilliant when you get to play games with friends.

Sounds cool!

Until then…

Waddle on…


February 2, 2009

Celebrate Puffles

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Club Penguin states  you’ve all been asking for more things “Puffle”, including the Puffle Furniture! Club Penguin has listened and February will be all about Puffles! Check it out.


Starting February 13th, put some Puffle Furniture in you igloo and see what your Puffles so! Maybe they will drink and eat from there water/food bowls to, right? But Puffles playing in igloo’s more is just the start! Later this month there will be a few Puffle surprises including a big Puffle Party! The Puffle party starts February 20th. Billybob will have some more info next week, which I will also have.

Maybe at the Puffle Party there will be a new Puffle to adopt, or Items to buy for your Puffle to wear!

I’ll have to buy some Puffles for this occasion, Ive had Puffles but they all ran away, there to much of a hasle to take care off, feed, play with, etc.

Until then….

Waddle on…


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