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January 31, 2009

Club Penguin Ultimate Links Project

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Attention! Please read the below!

Hello Penguins,

Are you tired of ADVERTISING all the time, and some site’s don’t allow it! Copying and pasting messages is boring!!! Instead, save time and Sign up for my Ultimate Links at https://clubpenguincheatsforyou2.wordpress.com/club-penguin-ultimate-links-project/ Here are the benefits of signing up!

  • Not having to advertise all the time.
  • Very simple and straight forward.
  • A great way of boosting your hits.


  1. Go to your Dashboard and add www.clubpenguincheatsforyou2.wordpress.com to your blogroll, go to Links to do it.
  2. Add me as the name, ‘iHamruninu22’, ‘Hamruninu22’, ‘Hamruninu22 Club Penguin Cheats’ or iHam22’s Club Penguin Cheats’ or something of the kind.
  3. Then comment on https://clubpenguincheatsforyou2.wordpress.com/club-penguin-ultimate-links-project/ saying that you have done so.
  4. Then I will check it and add you.

SO here is a little banner I made:


If you click on it it will go directly to the page.

If you want to put it on your website here is the code:

<a href=”https://clubpenguincheatsforyou2.wordpress.com/club-penguin-ultimate-links-project/&#8221; target=”_blank”><img src=”http://i40.tinypic.com/656deo.jpg&#8221; border=”0″ alt=”Image and video hosting by TinyPic”></a>

Until then…..

Waddle on….


30,000 Hits Party Review

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Hello everyone

The party was great and a lot of people came to my party.

Also when I was giving away the codes we got a new record on how many people there were online—->    19

Also my hits got pretty up —–>901

Now here are some penguins that came to my party.

Yoda Ads is a cool penguin.  He has a site and has nearly 200,000 Hits.  He is a great friend.


27ht is a great friend and we knew each other from almost the beginning from Pmac’s site and Nikeguy23.


Snowbossi also came to the party.  He is a fun penguin.


Also The Source00 who is part of CP7 came at the beginning.


Another friend came to the party.:


About 10 other people cam to the party.  Now I’m gonna have the next one at 50,000 Hits.

Until then…

Waddle on…


6 Coin codes

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Hello everybody. Here is what you’ve been waiting for.

First code:  K1JFCR9O9

Second Code:  G144AN6J7



Fifth Code: J1PHUEZNR

Six Code:  C3AR5BAMP

January 30, 2009

New French Servers Coming soon

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Hello everybody.

I have some great news to tell you.

Club Penguin will release 3 new servers in French.

The names of them are
French = English Translation

Jour de Neige = Day of Snow
Brise = Break
Antarctique = The Antarctic – (Safe Mode)

Until then….

Waddle on…


New Club Penguin Snow and Sports, New Pin, and New Paint By Letters Book!

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Here’s what I have so far, the Paint By Letters book has not yet come out, so here is the Club Penguin New Pin and the Snow and Sports:

Lily Pin



The Lily Pin is hidden at the Beacon – Thanks Bmferrari

Snow and Sports Jan 2009


Head over to the Sports Shop and catch the new Snow and Sports Catalog!


  • Blue Goalie Gear – 600 Coins
  • Goalie Helmet – 300 Coins
  • Red Goalie Gear – 600 Coins
  • Goalie Hockey Stick – 300 Coins


  • Stop Watch – 150 Coins
  • Swim Cap and Goggles – 200 Coins
  • Racing Swim Suit – 500 Coins
  • Ballerina – 450 Coins
  • Ballet Shoes – 180 Coins

My fav item to wear on your penguin is in this catalog would have to be the Goalie Stuff, I played hockey for 3 years until I had a bad back injury.


  • Hand Weighs – 350 Coins
  • Climbing Wall – 1,000 Coins
  • Waves – 75 Coins
  • Exercise Ball – 60 Coins
  • Weigh Bench – 680 Coins

I was right about the Rock Climbing Wall (witch was obvious), but I was off by a mile on the Hand Weights, to bad it wasn’t an echescetch =P

Snow and Sports Jan 2009 Cheats



Click the Rock Climbing Wall for the Mountain Climbing (550 Coins) and Hiking Boots (325 Coins)



Click the Green Penguin, Sea Shell, and Star Fish for the Silver Surfboard (800 Coins, also makes you go faster in Catchin Waves)

Sadly, Club Penguin has delayed the Febuary Fun to March, check it out:


First the Paint By Letters is delayed to today, and now even today its late!

That’s all for now, keep checking back as I will update right when the New Paint By Letters Book Comes Out!

Until then….

Waddle on….


January 29, 2009

Club Penguin Times Issue #172

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Must play Club Penguin Multilayer games, Team Blue vs Team Red in a returned stage play, and Sports Style! Check it out.

Multi Mania


The Club Penguin Times talks to the penguins behind the popular Multilayer games, Dance Contest, and Card-Jitsu!

The Club Penguin times catches penguins and Cadence in a Dance Off  and asks what the score is:

“The Score? The score is win. Only win!” – Cadence

Cadence is pronounced (K-Dance)

The Club Penguin Times heads over to the Dojo and finds Sensei watching some penguins battle it out in Card Jitsu

The Sensei using lots of poetic phrases says:

“Ninjas have secrets, special room and catalog, plus Black Belts look cool.” – Sensei

Sensei is pronounced (Sen-Say)

He also requests penguin’s speak to him in the Dojo if they want to learn Card Jitsu.

Team Blue vs Team Red


Dodge Ball tryouts for the returned play: Team Blue vs Team Red starts February 13th!

Sports Style


The Club Penguin Times talks to a Fashion expert giving tips on Sport Style, here are a few Sports Style Tips:

  • Try coordinating outfits  – Its a sign of Unity
  • Wear all the necessary Safety Gear
  • Wear a good attitude to match your style

Now you can be a winner and look good ;)

In Focus


In Focus: The Dojo

Top Secret


Check out this weeks Top Secret info, did you know about Hidden Places?

Search For Sports – Word Search


Towards the back of the Newspaper is a Search For Sports Word Search!

Upcoming Events



Sadly, the new Paint By Letters Book release date was moved back a day to Friday the 30th :/

Until then….

Waddle on…..


January 25, 2009

30,000 Hits Party Invitation+ 6 Codes

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Update:  This is a sticky post so scroll down to see the latest news!

Hello everybody!!

We are nearing 30,000 Hits on my website so I decided that we should have a party.  Since we got this far, I said ”Why don’t I give my fans something special this time?”  So I decided that I’m going to give away 6 COIN CODES ONLINE ON MY WEBSITE!!!  PLEASE TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT IT!!!

The toy codes will be posted on my website at exactly7.30 AM PST.

So a post will say e.g.  First code : *********

Second code : *********

Third code : *********

The stars will be the code.  IF it says ” The code has already been used” it means that someone before you has already saw it and claimed it.

So if someone gets it comment on that post.

Hope you can come!


Here is the invitation:


Here is the schedule:

7.30 AM PST :  Meet at the dock and wait for 10 minutes

7.40 AM PST :  Go to the Ski Lodge to play Find Four

7.45  AM PST :  Go to Ice Berg and try to tip it!!!!

7.50  AM PST :  Go to my igloo and hang out.

8.00  AM PST :  Go to the Night Club and dance!

8.15  AM PST :  GO to Dock to try and get more people.

8.20  AM PST :  Go to Book Room and play Mancala.

8.30  AM PST :  Go to The Coffee Shop and have some coffee!!!

8.40  AM PST :  Go to the Light House where we will find a band ( including me playing)

8.50  AM PST :  Go to my igloo again to say goodbye.

9.00  AM PST:  I will have a surprise and the party will end.

January 23, 2009

Need Penguins?

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Well as the post says: Need penguins?  Well I can trade you if you want.

I will make a new page about it.

Well you can either trade me  WordPress Credits for the penguin, or a Member Ship, or A Toy Code or something about club penguin.

Well the current penguin that I’m selling is this one.  If you want it trade me for it:



Age:  Nearly 1000

Rarest Item:  Water wings (ORANGE)

Rarest Pin:  The Lantern (6 Pin ever to be released)

Rarest Background:  Camo Background  (which is the  rarest background)

Well if you want to give me credits my e-mail is ryan_mysterio_16_vella@hotmail.co.uk

Until then…..

Waddle on….


Club Penguin 2009 Fiesta Party Cheats!

Its Fiesta time in Club Penguin again! Check out all the Fiesta Party cheats below!


Free Item


For starers, get your free Mini Sombrero at the Cove, sorry, but I think its phunnie!

Not much to the party, Fiesta themed, cacti, the normal Fiesta stuff! Check out some pics of the party and new Funny Fiesta Pics!

Fiesta Party Pics

Snow Forts






Dance Club




Also, click on Pinata’s like this one:


To make it move.

New Fiesta Postcard:


Until then….

Waddle on….


January 21, 2009

New Club Penguin New Log In Screens And More!

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There Are FIVE Sweet Club Penguin Log In Screens, A Cool Player And Club Penguin Have Sent You A Card! And Maybe Somthing That You Know About That I Put In!






Well My Fave Club Penguin Screen Is All Of  Them!!!! =P

Club Penguin New Player Card Icon (Members)



Check Out The New Member Icon Club Penguin Have Added To Your Player Card! It Looks So Sweet!!! Better Than The Moderator Icon ;)

You Also Get A Cool Card From Club Penguin!thanks-for-being-a-member

Club Penguin Mail New Post Card!


Feast Your Eyes On The Mean, Lean, Sweet New Club Penguin Mail Card! Grovey!

Also The Dance Game Is Staying!!!

“So What Do You Think Of The New Stuff Club Penguin Have Added To Their Servers?”

“Do You Like Them? “

“Well I Love Them!”

Credit to yoda ads

Until then…

Waddle on…


Club Penguin Cheats For Series 2 Treasure Book

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UPDATE: New Treasure Book Cheat Added!

Club Penguin added a cheat to the Series 2 Treasure Book! On page 2 of the Series 2 Treasure Book click the speaker next to the penguin in the Penguin Band Hoodie:



What do ya know! Club Penguin added another Cheat in the Series 2 Treasure Book, its the same cheat for the same item as the first treasure book but here it is:


save2(Click to ENLARGE)

Click the Circle behind the Explorer (shown in pic) for the Viking Helmet


Until then….

Waddle on….


January 18, 2009

Dance-A-Thon Member event party Extended

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Hello everybody! For the Dj Cadence Tracker click here!

Club Penguin has announced that the party is going to last 2 more days.  So it means that you will have until Tuesday to meet Dj Cadence.  Here is the original Post:

Thanks for your comments about how much fun you’re having at the party! It was supposed to end on Sunday but we decided to extend it until Tuesday!! So member penguins – you and your friends can keep competing and dancing for another few days!

Cadence.jpgSome of you have been asking about Cadence and whether or not she will continue to show up at the party over the weekend and I wanted to let you know that she will be! We’ve heard a few concerns that Cadence won’t show up unless the metal landing pad on the rooftop is clear. Don’t worry–she takes the stairs just like you! So feel free to use the entire area to show off your moves!

As always, we love to hear what you think and what you’re doing at the party!

So comment on what you think about the party.  Also don’t forget to check out the ”OFFICIAL DJ CADeNCE TraCkEr By clICkiNg HERE!!!

Also guys if some of you would kindly give me a membership code send it to me at ryan_mysterio_16_vella@hotmail.co.uk and you’ll receive some awesome prizes which may include a 1000 day old penguin, a buddy add, and i’ll advertise you.

Until then….

Waddle on…..


January 17, 2009

1 Million Coins Glitch

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I’ve found a new Club Penguin cheat which will allow you to make tons of coins for your penguin. Coins can be used to buy things throughout Club Penguin, like clothes, items, and more! Here’s how to do the new coin cheat:

1. Login to Club Penguin and go onto a safe chat server.

2. Go to the Night Club and press tab until a yellow box appears around your igloo icon.


3. Walk over to the Dance Game and right before it asks you if you want to play the game, click enter and you should go to your igloo. (Note: The igloo icon must have a yellow box around it)

4. A message will come up in your igloo asking you if you’d like to dance. Click “yes”.


5. Complete at least one dance. The more dances you complete, the better.


6. After you complete a dance, continuously click X to earn coins.


7. After you are finished making coins, log out of Club Penguin to save them to your penguin.

CREDIT TO CHEWY. Please note that I will not be responsible for any bans caused by this cheat. (Cheat at your own risk)

If your wanting to meet Cadence, check out my DJ Cadence Tracker which is in the top of the sidebar. I update it everytime I find Cadence on Club Penguin.

Dance-A-Thon Party Cheats

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Update: Check For DJ Cadence, her background, and her location check the RIGHT Hand Sidebar, just click the picture of her!

!!!DJ Candence Is Online Now!!!


Finally,…its here! The Club Penguin Dance-A-Thon was delayed several hours and is now finally here! Check out the cheats , DJ Cadence Tracker, and more!

member-only-partyFree Item


The Free Boom Box is in the Dance Club! Dance with just the Boom Box to break dance!

Dance Contest


You have to check out the new Dance Contest! Its by far my most favorite Club Penguin Game at this moment! Here’s a guide to playing and mastering the Dance Contest Game!

  1. Walk over to the Dance Contest Table
  2. Talk to DJ Cadence, Select New Game or How To Play
  3. Choose New Game. I’ll tell you how to play ;)
  4. Choose a Song to Dance To
  5. Once you choose your song select your difficulty, Easy, Medium, or Hard!
  6. The game is just like Dance Dance Revolution but with the arrows on your keyboard!
  7. If a down arrow comes up, press the down arrow at the right time
  8. The same thing applies for the left, right, and up, keys
  9. If to arrows come up next to each other, like this:
  10. If that comes up, press the up and down key at the same time
  11. If the left and right keys come up, press them at the same time
  12. That applys to every key!
  13. If you see a streak following a arrow like this:
  14. If you see that hold down the key until the streak ends!
  15. The game is pretty simple and easy to learn
  16. Have fun

Sounds easy, eh? Its pretty fun )

Moving on…..

Dance Floors


This is the Dance Floor you will be on when you walk into the Night Club, here you can find a free Boom Box, go to the Boiler Room, play Dance Contest, and see the Welcome Boards with penguins names that came into the night club! Like this one:


It displays 3 penguins every few seconds!


This is the Dance Floor above the Night Club! Here you can play Astro Barrier and Thin Ice! There is also a  Noisemaker 3000! Click around to see what noise you can make!


This is the Night Club Roof! This is by far the coolest one, here you can Mix it up on 1 of 4 DJ Tables. Click on the TV’s to change the channel!

DJ Cadence Postcard, Background, and Tracker

You should have also got a Postcard from DJ Cadence if your a member:


DJ Cadence has been seen on Club Penguin, check out my DJ Cadence Tracker in the top of the left sidebar, when you find her you will get this autographed background:


Comment on the DJ Cadence Tracker page if you know the whereabouts of DJ Cadence!


Club Penguin Better Igloos Jan – Feb 2009 and Taco Pin!

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New Club Penguin Taco Pin, and a Fun Fiesta Better Igloos! Check it out.


Better Igloos Jan – Feb 2009


Mexican! Fiesta val fun )

  • Mexican Blanket – 600 Coins
  • Terracotta Vase – 300 Coins
  • Terracotta Pitcher – 300 Coins
  • Terracotta Pot – 300 Coins


  • Terracotta Sun – 400 Coins
  • Wall Gecko – 350 Coins
  • Penguin Mask – 400 Coins
  • Mexican Rug – 550 Coins
  • Small Cactus – 200 Coins
  • Large Cactus – 400 Coins
  • Pinata – 300  Coins


Gettcha dance on =P

  • Dance Floor – 2000 Coins
  • Concert Lights – 1650 Coins
  • DJ Table – 800 Coins

Better Igloos Jan – Feb 2009 Cheats


Click the Terracotta Sun for the Superhero Stage Poster (75 Coins)



Click the Velvet Rope for the Welcome Mat (75 Coins)

Meh! That’s it for the cheats.

Taco Pin


The Taco Pin is located at the Snow Forts!

Also, if you Dance with your purple puffle you will get you extra points!

January 15, 2009

Newspaper Issue 170

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Wow! I forgot about the new Club Penguin Times, any ways, check it out!

Dance Party


The Dance Party is going to be a BLASTTTTTTTTTT!!!! It should be here but its not, stay tuned, ill have it up when it updates ;)

For the party there will be a new game, new groove, a new room (the Night Club Rooftop) and a chance to meet DJ Cadence herself!

Winter Fiesta


The Winter Fiesta starts January 23rd! There will be a few surprises and in February, several drawings will be chosen, turned into Ice Sculptures, and then Displayed in the Forest, or known as the Festival of Snow! Check the article below this for more info!

Snow It All


All the Snow from the Christmas Party is being stored in the Attic for the Festival of Snow in February! Gary the Gadget Guy says the Attic will remain the same temperature to preserve to snow until February, penguins visiting the Attic are advised to bundle up!

In Focus


In Focus: Shop Til You Drop! An old one, but who cares right?

Top Secret


This weeks Classified Info is on Pizzatron 3000, check it out:


Ahh, something we already knew….

Upcoming Events




That’s it!

Until then….

Waddle on….


January 13, 2009

Lux 1200

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Hello everybody!

I’m’ doing this post for Lux1200’s website.  You can go to it by clicking Lux1200’s Website.  He has a great website which includes many wonderful pages.  I also think that he is the best one who makes posts because he is very clear and has a lot of pictures.

Something About Lux1200:


His real name is Luke. He am a boy and he am 13.  His CP name is Lux1200. He is  a member of CP.  His original CP name is Lux12000 but he got banned forever for hacking rockhopper, so he uses Lux1200. He also have two other penguins that you may see him on, Burbey, which was his original peng and Articy. He likes skateboarding, ice hockey,  playing his gibson les paul guitar and riding motocross.  His favorite band is a group from Finland called HIM.  When on CP, he usually go on the servers icebox and mammoth, although he can be on any server at any time.   His hero has to be Bam Margera and he love the T.V show Vivla Bam and Rob and Big!  He love to play my Wii, white PSP, and xbox 360.  Oh and did I forget to mention he is a Halo freak. He waited 10 hours in line at a mall to get the Legendary Edition of Halo 3. That’s how big of a halo freak he is!!   But enough about him, he wants to hear more about you guys so drop him  a  comment at his site or E-mail him at lux1200@yahoo.com

Here are some pages at his site.  He has many interesting things in them.  Click on them to view them.

His site has about 780,000 Hits and he is going to have a huge party when he reaches 1,000,000 Hits.

I am a huge fan of his site.  He is cool and has some cool videos of Club Penguin. HIS YOUTUBE

He has many things in mind for 2009.  The original is listed here from his site:

Ok, so you thought this site couldn’t get any better right? Well then listen up because I have some major site updates planned for the new year! Check them all out below!

The Ultimate Buddy List Info

You know I am a BIG Club Penguin Fan but one thing I don’t like is that a penguin can only have 100 buddies.  Seems kind of ridiculous to limit the amount of friends you can have, and trust me, I have contacted CP about this a hundred time.  But still no change.   Aren’t you sick of hearing “Sorry, my list is full” from someone you want to be buddies with?  Well my Ultimate Buddy List will put a halt to that!
Simply fill out the “Buddy” form that will be posted on the site December 26, 2008,  and enter your penguin name, your penguin bio (age, fav game, etc.), and/or your real name (optional) and a picture of your penguin.
Then beginning on January 1, 2009, I will feature one of my buddies on my site with their penguin name and penguin bio!  And just like a the Club Penguin Buddy List, I will have a Buddy Tracker on my site so that you can find me on CP when you want to play.
Now, see,  everyone can be my buddy!

Lux1200 Buddy Tracker

Have you ever wanted to know where I was on Club Penguin but can’t find me because I’m not in your buddy list?  Well now everytime I log onto Club Penguin, the Lux Buddy Tracker, which will be in the sidebar on my site starting January 1, 2009,  will be updated with my location so you can find me easily!  Hope to see you on CP soon!

Featured Buddy Of The Day

If you didnt read the “Ultimate Buddy List Info” then please do so before reading this!
As a member of my Ultimate Buddy List, I will be featuring a buddy everyday on the sidebar of my site with their penguin picture, name and penguin bio.
Sign ups to be on my Ultimate Buddy list begin December 26, 2008 and the Featured Buddy of the Day will begin on January 1, 2009.  Hope to see your picture on my site!
Your Buddy,

Lux1200’s Club Penguin Cheats Toolbar

Do you wish there was a way to just click a button and get all the lastest updates on what’s happening on Club Penguin?  Well, then my toolbar is exactly what you are looking for.  Developed by a group of beta testers and approved by wordpress, my Lux1200 toolbar will give you one click access to all the latest clubpenguin catalog, Penguin Times, Rockhopper Tracker, CP radio and much much more.
So, check out the sidebar on my site come January 1, 2009.  That’s when it will be available for a free download!

Ultimate Blogroll

Have you ever tried to get on someone blogroll only to be rejected.  Well, if you have a blog or website about Club Penguin, Club Penguin Cheats, Club Penguin Tips, or anything Club Penguin related you can be on my “Unending” Blogroll!
Even if your site only has 2 hits, just add me to your site’s blogroll and send an e-mail message to blogroll@clubpenguincheatcp.com and your in!
Now isn’t that easy?

Lux Lounge Forum

Ever wanted to talk to other Club Penguin enthusiast?  Talk with me, Lux1200?  Or just hang out?  Then the Lux Lounge is your one stop place for fun!
More information on the location of the Lux Lounge will be coming soon!  So don’t forget to check the site daily!

Club Penguin Blogging Tips

Thinking of starting a Club Penguin Blog?  Ever bought an eBook thats supposed to give you help and info on Club Penguin Blogging, but doesnt?  Then this new page on my site will help you a lot!  its free and contains information on:
Youtube Video’s
Uploading Photos
Search Engines
and more….

Club Penguin Cheats Support Staff

For those of you that have a blog, you know it is a lot of work.  For those of you that have every send a question to me or another blogger via a comment and received no response, you will appreciate the addition of the Club Penguin Cheats Site Support Staff.  With my new Support Staff, you can get the best Club Penguin Cheats experience!
The support staff includdes:
An SWF Specialist (to update my SWF’s in my new Toolbar) so that you will always have all the latest information.
A Rockhopper Finder (to find Rockhopper and let YOU either on my site or via AIM, just where he is!)
And many more positions!
Positions are open and this can be a chance for you work me, with Lux1200.  If your good at something, let me know!  You just might be the next Staff member for the Club Penguin Cheats Site!

Yep! Thats everything I have planned for 2009! Some of those improvements may even be here before 2009. Keep an eye out for them, more info on all of these in the coming weeks.

Well I hope I win the Contest.  Thank you Lux1200 and may God be always with you.

January 9, 2009

Club Penguin Superhero Stage Play Returns!

The popular Stage Play, Squidzoid VS Gamma Girl and Shadow Guy return! Check it out.




Costume Trunk

Check out the Costume Trunk, it has the same Costumes as last time but if you didn’t buy them last time, now is your chance!


Mild Mannered Reporter

  • Camera – 300 Coins


Squidzoid,…..or Luxzoid?

  • Squidzoid Costume – 600 Coins


Shadow Guy and Gamma Girl

  • Blue Superhero Mask – 100 Coins
  • Blue Cape – 500 Coins
  • Shadow Guy Costume – 550 Coins
  • Pink Superhero Mask – 100 Coins
  • Pink Cape – 500 Coins
  • Gamma Girl Costume – 550 Coins

Cityscape Background


The Cityscape Background available to all Penguins for a flat rate price of 60 Coins! And of course the Directors Hat, which, come one, who doesn’t have it?

Any way here are some of the cool effects from the Switchbox 3000

Switchbox 3000 Effects






Mhewwwww! Nothin new :/

The play just came back because CP couldnt think of anything new!



January 8, 2009

Club Penguin Times Issue #169

Dance-A-Thon Member Party, New Dance Game coming soon, and the return of Shadow Guy and Gamma Girl all in this weeks paper! Check it out.

Member’s Only Dance Party


A local DJ named Cadence (Pink Penguin with pink and yellow scarf) has announced a special Member’s Only Dance Party to celebrate a new Dancing Game! The Dance Party is inspired by the Dance Cloths in the new Penguin Style Catalog. Cadence will be decorating the Night Club for Members and holding Dance Competitions. She’s got a new game that’sall about dance, the better you boogie, the better your score! This could do with the Black Monitor in the HQ and this game may by like the Dance Game in the EPF game! The Party will be from January 15th – 18th.

Superhero’s Return


Shadow Guy, Gamma Girl, and Squidzoid return this Friday (by popular demand) in this Super Hero Play at the Stage!

In Focus


Another returned In Focus: Underground Areas. CP changed the Name from “Underground Places” to “Underground Areas”! Think where that stupid CP? Huh, think we wouldn’t notice? Well we did! Lol

Top Secret


“Take Your Puffles Places” is this “Classified” Folder/letter/message!

Did you know you could take your puffles places?

Did I?

Yes I did!


Back to the Newspaper =P

Word Search


Check out the Superhero “Wordzoid” in the back of the paper with some of these words to find:


Hungry? Great! Now I’m hungry!

Upcoming Events



I cant wait for the Dance Party, what about you? Are you a member


January 7, 2009

Superhero Play Sneak Peek!

Shadow Guy, Gamma Girl, and Squidziod return this Friday in the return of the Super Hero Play at the Stage! Check out the Sneak Peek:


Until then

Waddle on…


Club Penguin Member Party: January 15-18th Sneak Peek

Hiya pengs! Billybob made a new post on the Club Penguin Blog:

Hello Penguins!

Many of you have been asking about a member party and wondering when there would be another one–it’s definitely been a while since the last one.

Well, we’ve been working on exactly that! The next member party will happen in the middle of January, from the 15-18th. But it’s more than just a party–wait till you see what else the team has planned! I’ll have more details next week, and I don’t want to say too much – but I can tell you that some of the items in the new Penguin Style catalog will come in very handy.

I managed to get a sneak peek from the team to show you. See if you can guess what the event might be about…

Picture 1 event.jpgLet us know what you think!

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

I believe it will be about dancing and music, since it has a music note at the top-right corner, and the picture is very colorfull (it looks like graffiti).

Keep checking our site for Club Penguin Cheats


January 4, 2009

20,000 Hits Party Review

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Hey People!!

The party was a success.  At first there was only 1 person but then about 15 penguins came.  I was happy about it.  Here are some pics:



First we partied at the Ice Berg.



Then we went to the Dock.

The featured penguin is:


Congratulations you won a member penguin.  Comment here to claim your prize.

This penguin beat me in find four:


Congratulatins you won a 500 day old non member.

And this penguin sent me the first postcard.:


So you win a 900 day old non member.

Congratulations to those three penguins so comment here to claim your prize!!!

These penguins came to the party:



Sorry for those whom I could’nt take a pic of you.

ALso When i get 30,000 hits I’m having another party so keep visiting!!

Until then…

Waddle on…


Rare Member Giveaway Results

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Hey everybody.

The contest have ended.

In 1st Place came: Ryan AKA Dark Knight

2nd Place:   Darylrego

3 Rd Place  Luke

Congratulations all of you.

Ryan I emailed it to you!!

Until then…

Waddle on…


January 2, 2009

New Club Penguin Style Catalog Jan’ 2009 and New Pin!

New Club Penguin Style Catalog Jan 2009, cheats, no more Wig Catalogs, and New Pin! Check it out below!


Club Penguin Style Jan 2009


Nice cloths, that’s my style =P

  • The Shamrocker – 550 Coins
  • Spikester Threads – 650 Coins
  • The Freestyle – 550 Coins
  • Wingwarms – 200 Coins
  • Freestyle Threads – 650 Coins


  • Trumpet – 450 Coins
  • Acoustic Guitar – 700 Coins
  • The Desert Road – 550 Coins
  • Yellow Fiesta Dress – 640 Coins
  • Starlit Sombrero – 350 Coins
  • Blue Torero Suit – 520 Coins
  • Orange Sombrero – 300 Coins
  • Poncho – 350 Coins

Club Penguin Style 2009 Cheats


Click the Red Paint Can for the Spikester (500 Coins)


Click the inside of the bubble for the Spikette (500 Coins)


Click the Flower Pot for the Fruit Headdress (350 Coins)



Click the Orange Present for the Yellow Scarf (150 Coins)


Click the Top of the Mountain for the Russian Hat (600 Coins)



Click the Top of the Pine Tree for the Red Viking Helmet (750 Coins), open and close the Red Viking Helmet 4 times for the Blue Viking Helmet (1200 Coins)


Click the Top Hat on the Snowman for the Pink Pom Pom Toque (200 Coins)


Click the Snowflake for the Red Hoodie (400 Coins)

Club Penguin Style Jan 2009 Backgrounds


The first 2 Backgrounds are New!

New Pin


The Gingerbread Man Pin is located at Lodge Attic!

Does it look like the Winter Fiesta is coming soon?

January 1, 2009

The Penguin Times Newspaper Issue # 168 & Happy New Year!

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Hello! I’d like to say happy new year to everyone, say good-bye to 2008 and hello to 2009! Go to the Ski Mountain or Ice Berg to view fireworks!

Today the newspaper was released, click here to view it. Fashion designers said this Friday’s clothing catalog will be all about dance and partying.

Take a look at the penguin on the right. She’s wearing items that will be in the new clothing catalog. I will be sure to have all the cheats for you!

The Igloo Contest Winners have been announced in the newspaper. Rory and Aunt Arctic were the judges for this contest.

To view the runner-ups, hover your cursor over the sentence, “Roll over for even more winners!” Do you know anyone on that list?

The Events page is simple, this Friday the new clothing catalog and pin are released. Here is a picture.

On January 9, Shadow Guy and Gamma Girl return to the Stage. A new igloo catalog will be released on January 16 too.

ANd don’t forget about the party:


The Invitation if you can’t see it is here:

Server: FJORD


Time:   8.00 AM Penguin Standard Time, 5.00 PM MALTESE TIME

Why: 20,000 Hits

There will be 3 Contests.

Contest 1 )  The first one to send me a postcard when I come will get a 800 day old non member.

Contest 2)   The featured penguin will win a member penguin.

Contest 3)  The one who beats me in find four will win a 500 day old penguin.

So tell all your friends to come and you could win.

Plus everyone will be added as a buddy.


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