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December 31, 2008

Club Penguin Cheats Site Ultimate Buddy List!

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You know I am a BIG Club Penguin Fan but one thing I don’t like is that a penguin can only have 100 buddies.  Seems kind of ridiculous to limit the amount of friends you can have, and trust me, I have contacted Club Penguin support about this a hundred times, but still no change.   Aren’t you sick of hearing “Sorry, my list is full” from someone you want to be buddies with?  Well my Ultimate Buddy List will put a halt to that!

Simply fill out the “Buddy” form, by clicking on the picture below.


Enter your penguin name, your penguin bio (age, fav game, etc.) and a picture of your penguin if you have one, and if you have a Club Penguin blog, enter your website info too.    Then beginning on January13, 2009, I will feature a buddy each day on the sidebar of my site with all the info you gave me on the buddy list sign up form.

Now, see,  everyone can be my buddy!


December 30, 2008

Club Penguin Mission 10 – Waddle Squad Mission Guide

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Club Penguin’s 10th PSA Mission is here, Waddle Squad! Check it out

Secret Agent Mission 10 – Waddle Squad Video Guide- Hamruninu22

Rate Subscrise and Comment.  PS DOUBLE CLICK IT!!!

Secret Agent Mission 10 – Waddle Squad Written Guide


1. Talk to G, Select the first option
2. Keep clicking on the screen until there done talking
3. Select any option
4. Select “What are our assignments”
5. Select any option
6. Select any option
7. Select any option
8. Select the first option
9. Pick up the Solar panel from the Box next to G
10. Go to the Beach and help the Jet Pack Guy
11. Go into the lighthous and get some cream soda
12. Talk to the Jet Pack Guy
13. Give him the Cream Soda
14.When mixing the Cream Sode click the “help” bottle
15. It will say: 8,0,0 and if you click it again it will go on
16. 8,0,0 means the first has to have 8 and the others 0
17. Keep following that until your done


18.  Go to the Gift Shop and talk to Rookie
19. Give him the Solar Panel
20. Connect the Solar Panel the the Magnet
21 . Connect the colors
22. Click the sheet of paper with the instructions for extra help
23. Use the ink pen to connect them and the earaser (big red thing) if you mess up
24. Connect the dots like this:

25. Go to the Dock and talk to the Green Penguin on the Dock
26.  Ask him for some rope
27. Put the rope in your inventory
28. Go to the Night Club
29. Attach the Rope to the Pully
30. Click the Red Lever
31. It will then break
32.  Open up your Spy Phone and take out the Rench
33. Use it to open up the Panel
34. Look inside
35. . Connect all the parts to make it work, (this will vary) but heres how it should look:

36. The trap will now be set
37. The Jet Pack Guy will call you on your spy phone, answer it
38. Go to the Dock
39. It will be a false alarm
40. You will get another call on your spy phone, answer it
41. Go to the Night Club
42. Herbert will take the “Bait”
43. Click the red lever to drop the trap
44. He will get out of the trap
45. Another call will come in on your spy phone
46. Answer it, All the agents will then move in and herbert will be trapped
47. Shine all the lights on the Magnet that Rookie is holding to make it stronger (click and drag the lights)
48. Herbert will be trapped again but for good
49. Select any option (when talking to herbert)
50. Select any option
51. Talk to G
52. Herbert will ask for a phone call and Rookie gives him is spy phone, herbert will escape
53. Select the first option (when talking to G)
54. G will find a bag of some kind, select any option (when talking to G)
55. Click “Get Medal” and end the mission!

And here is how to get the “Gift”:

  1. When in the Gift Shop talk to the Store Clerk
  2. Pick up the Basket of Eggs, Cloths, and the Table
  3. Go outside
  4. Take the Table out of your inventory and put it on the LEFT of the Gift Shop
  5. Put the Eggs, and Cloths on the Table
  6. Go back in a talk to the clerk
  7. At the end of the mission claim your Gift!



December 26, 2008

Club Penguin December 2008 Igloo Upgrade Cheats!

Was Club Penguin supposed to release an Igloo Upgrades Catalog today? Well either way here it is! The cheats ‘n all.


December 2008 Igloo Upgrades


There’s one new igloo, well its now new, its been around in the December Igloo Upgrades in the past years. The Snow Globe Igloo! You can shake it to make the Snow Fall from it.

Decmeber 2008 Igloo Upgrades Cheat


Click the 4 words that say “Candy” for the Gingerbread House Igloo (2,100 Coins)

Gingerbread House Igloo

Hers my one penguin Burbey with the Gingerbread Igloo:


Its a pretty cool Igloo if I say so myself ;)

Until then….

Waddle on….


December 25, 2008

20,000 HITS Party Invitation

Hey Folks we finally got 20,000 Hits so Im Having a HUGE PARTY.



The Invitation if you can’t see it is here:

Server: FJORD


Time:   8.00 AM Penguin Standard Time, 5.00 PM MALTESE TIME

Why: 20,000 Hits

There will be 3 Contests.

Contest 1 )  The first one to send me a postcard when I come will get a 800 day old non member.

Contest 2)   The featured penguin will win a member penguin.

Contest 3)  The one who beats me in find four will win a 500 day old penguin.

So tell all your friends to come and you could win.

Plus everyone will be added as a buddy.


Merry Christnas!!!

Hey everybody!

Merry Christmas to you all.

What did you get?

I got 2 Games and a surprise.

Well let’s start with the games.

I got:

Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 Boxshothttps://i1.wp.com/ps3media.ign.com/ps3/image/article/886/886062/wwe-smackdown-vs-raw-2009-20080703104226179_640w.jpg
And now the surprise is:
And  with it there was a code and I unlocked these two items:
Well what a surprise eh?
Also the Christmas PArty was a blast!!
Until then….
waddle on…

New Newspaper Issue #167

Hey!! Merry Christmas to all penguins!! The new Club Penguin News Issue #167 is out!! : )

Firstly, the Coins For Change results is out and here are the results:

  • Kids who are sick: 30%
  • Kids who are poor and cannot go to school: 33%
  • Kids without parents or are hurt by war: 37%

Also, Rockhopper has left Club Penguin during the Christmas Party!! Click HERE if you want to find out how to find Rockhopper!!

The current “In Focus” is about the cool Ski Lodge, another great place to hold parties!!

And here are all the awesome events that will take place in Club Penguin soon, with the New Year fireworks coming really soon!!

Lastly, Club Penguin sent out 2 cards to all penguins, a Coins For Change card and a Secret Agent card!! Click HERE for a sneak peek of the mission or you can also click HERE to be the first to comment on this post!! D

December 24, 2008

New Club Penguin Treasure Book

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Hello penguins!

The new Club Penguin Treasure Book is here and it has some pretty cool stuff!


Here are the new items that someone can unlock if he/she uses a new code from Club Penguin Toys!












In Other News : There is a new login page on Club Penguin!


I find it really cool! What about you?

Until then….
Waddle on…

December 22, 2008


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Hey everybody!


If you want you can donate something to me.  You can donate the following:


  • 1 Month Membership
  • 6 Month Membership
  • 12 Month Membership
  • Toy Code for the Treasure Book
  • Club Penguin Toys
  • 15 WordPress Credits
  • 30 WordPress Credits


If you donate Club Penguin Membership you get to choose 3 out of these prizes:


  • Penguin over 800 Days
  • Member penguin 700 DAys
  • Blogroll Forever
  • 300 Comments on my Comment Shop
  • Featured Penguin on my next Party
  • 400 Comment lead on my next Contest
  • Your site advertised by my next 15 posts.

If you give me any amounts of toy Codes you can choose 3 of the following:


  • Penguin over 900 Days
  • Member Penguin over 800 Days
  • 400 Comments extra on my Comment Shop
  • 500 Comments Lead on my next Contest
  • Blogroll forever.
  • Site advertised on my next 20 Posts
  • Editor here for 3 Weeks


If you donate 15 or 30 Credits you can choose 4 of the following prizes:

  • Penguin over 700 Days old
  • Member penguin over 400 days old
  • 300 Comments on my comments shop
  • Editor here for 6 Months.
  • Blogroll forever.
  • Site advertsied in my next 30 Posts.
  • 200 Comments lead on my next Contest.
  • Be the Featured penguin of my next party.


If you donate ”Elite Penguin Force” the Game you can choose 2 of the following:

  • Penguin over 600 Days old
  • Member penguin over 300 Days old
  • 100 Comments on my Comments shop
  • 400 Comments lead on my next contest
  • Blogroll Forever
  • Site advertised on my next 5 posts.
  • Be the 2nd featured penguin on my party.

SO REMEMBER TO:      https://i0.wp.com/www.chautauqua-learn-serve.com/adult/images/donate_small1.jpg

Send the items that you want to donate to my email on ryan_mysterio_16_vella@hotmail.co.uk

Until then….

WAddle on….


P.s.  Party invitation Coming Soon

Club Penguin New Mission Sneak Peek And New Servers!

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UPDATE: Screenhog just announced you have to have a Series 2 code to get into the Series 2 Treasure Book. If you use a code from Series 1 (Elf, Sant, Rockhopper plush, etc.) you will get the Series 1 Treasure Book! Sorry for any confusion.

Today in the Club Penguin Community news, Screenhog gave a sneak peek of the new mission which will be coming to Club Penguin on December 29, 2008!

What do you think the mission will be? Looks like Herbert broke into the Dance Club and is tearing down a wall?!?! Check out the Corkboard in the HQ to!


Also, did you notice Club Penguin added three new servers?  They are  Southern Light , Northern Light, Ascent, Ice Shelf, Ice Cube (Safe Chat), Sabertooth, Snowcap, Snowmobile, and I think those are all the new ones? Its a little confusing!









December 21, 2008

Treasure Book Update and Club Penguin Gift Cards!

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Billybob has got some exciting news for us! A lot of you have been asking about where you can find the Club Penguin Gift Cards. You can get Gift Certificates online, and Gift Cards are also available at over 11,000 retail locations including participating U.S. Target locations, all Walmart locations in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, all Toys ‘R’ Us locations in the U.S., and Sainsbury’s in the UK.

gifcards[1].jpgIn Other News: There will be an update to the Treasure Book on Monday, Dec. 22, and I managed to find this to show you:

treasurebook2.1.jpgCheck out all the Toy Book updates on Monday!

More to come!

Christmas Penguin Giveaway Contest!

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Update:  The contest has ended results posted soon.

Hey Everybody!

For celebrating Christmas I’m giving away a 700 day old MEMBER!!!

Here is his Picture:


This is a commenting contest so the most one with the most comments wins.

Here are the Rules:

1)  Be nice to others

2)  Numbers are allowed.

3)  All Comments will be held in moderation so your comments won’t show up!

4)  The Contest will end on 31st December,2008.]


!!!!stisiv dnasuoht ytnewt tog I esuaceb noos gnimoc noitativni  ytrap

Until then…

Waddle on….


December 20, 2008

Club Penguin 2008 Christmas Party Cheats, New Pin, New Books, Decorating Contest, and More!

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Credit to Lux1200 because my photos arent loading.

The long awaited party is here! The 2008 Club Penguin Christmas Party has finally arrived, and by a sleigh!! The theme is snowy! It looks like the Club Penguin Island was hit with a Snow Storm! See it all below!

Christmas Party Theme



Before you dive into this awesome Club Penguin Party you may wanna know what the “Theme” is (besides Christmas!)? Well its “Snowy” I guess you could call it! The Club Penguin Island was hit with a Snow Storm. Just like the 2006 Christmas Party.

Christmas Party Free Items


The first free item is at the Snow Forts! Its a Santa Hat, they have one at every Christmas Party on Club Penguin!


The Santa Beard is at the Ski Village!

Dang! No new free items this time!

Christmas Present Pin


The Christmas Present Pin is on the Fireplace mantel at the Ski Village!

New Books


There are 3 New Books!


A Penguin Christmas Carol


Christmas On Rockhopper Island


Puffle Pal Adventures: Music Makes Magic

My fav is Christmas On Rockhopper Island ;) But there all good. Go read them now in the Book Room (You can also read A Penguin Christmas Carol in the Coffee Shop)

Igloo Decorating Contest


The Christmas Igloo Decorating Contest starts today! There will be 10 Grand Prize Winners that will get 25,000 Coins, and 10 Runner-Ups that will receive 10,000 Coins! Winners will be selected through out the Christmas Party with winners being announced in the January 1st Newspaper!

The Ice Rink Is Back


Yeah! The Ice Rink is back. Woot!!

Other Christmas Party Stuff


You can go Ice Skating at the Dock


The Mountain is now the North Pole


Click on the Tree in the middle of the Ice Berg to make it bigger until its a Christmas Tree! You can also see it snowing at the Ice Berg and the Mountain.


I’m Santa and Fano’s my Reindeer!


The Lounge is now Santa’s Work Shop!

Wait,……were are all the Elf’s? All I see is Lux1200 and some waving beta?


Look at the Dojo!



I’m gunna have a seizure!


Please dont eat me Giant Santa Octopus!



Wow! Ive never seen the HQ or Command Room ever decorated! Those cookies in the Command Room look goooooood tooooooooo xP


The inside and out side of the mine is a Ginger Bread house,…and so am I!


Club Penguin added non Christmasy Card Jitsu Instructions to the Dojo!


Wheres the water? I thought that was supposed to be a Pool?


Lux is nice and cozy by the Fire!


You can change each part of the Snow Man at the Ski Village!

Get you Photo with Santa at the Forest

Check out the Sun Maker at the Cove

The Boiler Room

Check it all out!

Your not gunna wanna miss this Club Penguin Christmas Party ;)

Until then……………………………………………………………

Waddle on……………………………………………………………..


December 19, 2008

New Pin- Present Pin

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Hey there is a new pin on Club Penguin.

1.  Go to Ski Vilage

2.  Go to Ski  Lodge

3.  Look for the present pin  near the fireplace.



Until then….

Waddle on….


December 18, 2008

New Newspaper Issue #166

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Hey everybody:

First of I have updated my site with some new pages:

I have updated the funny Pics Page so click on it.

Also I have made a new page:  50 free Penguins!!!

Christmas party starts tomorrow, Coins for Change continues, In Focus and more in this issue of the Club Penguin Times!

Christmas Party


The last party of the year starts tomorrow and it may be one of the biggest! Starting tomorrow, December 19th kicks of the 2008 Christmas Party. There are also a few “Hints” that may let us know about the party ;) Like this one:


Maybe this year’s Christmas Party will be like the 2006 Christmas Party? At the ‘06 Party there was tons of Snow on the Island (there was like 8 feet of snow!) Well either way check out the Christmas Party arriving December 19th!


Coins For Change


Coins for Change continues into this, and next week! You can donate to these causes at the Beach, Captions Quarters, and Plaza.


The amounts that went to each causes will be announced on Christmas (December 25th)

In Focus


In Focus: Snow Forts and Ice Rink! The Ice Rink will also be returning soon!! Do you like the Soccer Pitch or the Ice Rink better?


Top Secret


Wanna see a secret or something you may not have none? Check it out below!


Pssssshhhh! Old news!

Upcoming Events



Until then…

Waddle on…


December 14, 2008

Commenting Contest Results!

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First check out my new page 50 free penguin!!

Hey the contest is finished and the results are final.

Well here are the results:

In 1st place… with around 1900 comments… the one… the only…


In 2nd place… with 387 comments…

Eric E!

In 3rd place… with 356 comments…


Congratulations all those who entered.

Darylrego you won this penguin:


Eric E:


And ryan:

I will email you your penguin.

Winners comment on this post with your emails and ill give it to you.

Until then…


December 12, 2008

Club Penguin Cheats Site News – Rockhopper, Coins For Change 2008, and Quest For The Golden Puffle Returns!

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Here are a boat load of new 2008 Club Penguin Cheats including Rockhopper, Coins For Change 2008, and Quest For The Golden Puffle!




(Crows Next Decorated For Christmas)

Our good ol’ Pirate friend Rockhopper is back and prepared for Coins For Change and Christmas!


Head into the Ship Hold and check out his Rare Items ;)


Click on the board in the bottom right corner to see Rockhopper’s Rare Items!


One of the items I always wanted but I  missed  is the Red Beanie!  Its free too!  I like the Green Parrot also here are the items Rockhopper brought:

  • Red Beanie – Free
  • “Coins For Change” Banner (Furniture Item) – 500 Coins
  • Globe (Furniture Item) – 350 Coins
  • Green Parrot – 400 Coins

Now head into Rockhopper’s Quarters (his key is in his journal in the Book Room) to play the Christmas Version of Coins For Change and to donate some of your coins to Coins For Change!


Donate Coins and Play the Christmas Version of Treasure Hunt!


Walk over to a Sand Box to play Treasure Hunt


The Coins in Treasure Hunt are now Candy, and the Gems are now Candy Canes!  Check out Rockhopper’s Cork board before you leave too.


After you’ve played the new version of Treasure Hunt, get your Red Beanie, and check out Rockhopper’s Cork board and then go donate some coins to Coins For Change!

Coins For Change


There are 3 Donation Stations around the Island!  One is at the Beach


Another at the Plaza


And the last is in the Captain’s Quarters!   Don’t forget to to pick up a Bell! Wave with the bell to ring it!

Here is how to Donate your coins,  Click on one of the Coins For Change Buckets (you don’t need to walk over to it)


Select what cause you want to Donate to! There are 3 new causes this year!


  • Kids who are poor and cannot go to School
  • Kids who are sick
  • Kids without parents or hurt by War

After you select a cause select the amount you want to donate


You can donate 50, 250, and 500 Coins! I choose 500 every time because I have lots of coins and I’m very geneours.  I bet you are too!

Last year after you donated you got this award:


Now that youve donated your coins why not check out the Dec – Jan Better Igloos!


Dec – Jan Better Igloos Catalog – New Items



  • Snow Wall – 150 Coins
  • Sloped Snow Wall – 120 Coins
  • Snow Clump – 40 Coins
  • Snow Arch – 450 Coins
  • Snow Fortress Wall – 400 Coins
  • Snow Tower – 220 Coins


The Snowy Tree and Small Rock are on CP at the Forest and other places in Club Penguin!

  • Snowy Tree – 280 Coins
  • Icicles – 150 Coins
  • Small Rock – 120 Coins
  • Fireplace – 1200 Coins
  • Log Bench – 500 Coins
  • Arm Chair – 560 Coins


Christmas Collection (only around for this month)

  • Christmas Tree – 700 Coins
  • Christmas Wreath – 150 Coins
  • Teddy Bear – 200 Coins
  • Wrought Iron Lamp Post – 600 Coins
  • Stocking – 200 Coins


  • Wooden Reindeer – 450 Coins
  • Christmas Lights – 30 Coins
  • Snowman – 405 Coins
  • Door Garland – 750 Coins
  • Presents – 400 Coins
  • Candle Stick – 120 Coins


  • Small Christmas Tree – 400 Coins
  • Wall Snowflake – 150 Coins
  • Christmas Ribbon – 120 Coins

Don’t forget to try out what you can do by clicking the arrows on your keyboard while holding the Christmas Trees!

Dec – Jan Better Igloos Catalog – Cheats


Click the Red Holly Berries for the Leaning Tree (250 Coins)



Click on the Velvet Rope for the Welcome Mat (75 Coins)

Whoa! That’s it?  Not that many!  Now on to the Quest For The Golden Puffle. Yeah,…I know its an old play :/

Quest For The Golden Puffle Returns


Here are the pics and text from the original post of mine from the first Quest For The Golden Puffle, but check this cheat out first!


Click the Golden Puffle for the Crook & Flail (300 Coins)! I like when CP has cheats in the Costume Trunk!

Now here are the original pics from the Quest For The Golden Puffle (note all the pics below were from the first time this play was at the stage, the items in the catalog pics below are the same items in the catalog at the the Stage right now)

  • Alaska’s explorer hat(300 coins)
  • Lasso(150 coins)
  • Sienna explorer outfit(650 coins)
  • Beige explorer outfit(650 coins)
  • Safari hat(250 coins)
  • Supply bag(700 coins)

  • Pharaoh costume(800 coins)
  • Crook and flail(300 coins)
  • Gold bracelets(200 coins)
  • Pharaoh headdress(500 coins)
  • Mummy costume(600 coins)

  • Adventure background(60 coins and can be purchased by non-members to)
  • Directors hat(250 coins)

Here are even more updates for you!

New Postcards and Igloo Music




I like the Coins For Change, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year postcards! U?

Lastly, here is the new Igloo Music


I like the Pop Song!  I also like the Snowy Holiday!  It was the song playing at last year’s Christmas Party (my fav CP music ) )

Until then….

Waddle on….


December 11, 2008

Club Penguin Times Issue #165

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Rockhopper and Coins For Change arrive tomorrow in Club Penguin! Plus the Christmas Party is right around the corner! Check it all out in this issue of the Club Penguin Time’s.

Christmas Celebration With Rockhopper


“Ive been planning this for many Months” quotes Rockhopper in the Club Penguin Times! He is bringing a super special version of his Treasure Hunt Game (probably with all our coins earned in it going to Coins For Change and with Candy Cane Gems ;) ) he is also setting up a Coins For Change donation station in the Caption’s Hold! Don’t forget one of the biggest parties in Club Penguin is almost here! The Christmas Party, starting December 19th and ending on the 29th.

Coins For Change Returns


Coins For Change returns this year with new causes! Just like last year we can donate our virtual Club Penguin Coins to a greater causes like:


A total of 1 Million Dollars will be donated to those important causes this Holiday Season! The coins donated to each area will determine how much of the money goes to each cause!

Donate coins at Donation Stations around the Island (Beach, Migrator, Plaza, Town, etc.)

Deck The Halls Win Prizes


Decorate your igloo, win coins! Another Igloo Decorating Contest this season with another Better Igloos Catalog arriving December 12th. Judging for the Igloo Decorating Contest starts December 19th and goes till the 29th. Winners will be featured in the January 1st Newspaper! To enter simply decorate your igloo.

10 Grand Prizes winners will receive 25,000 Coins and 12 Runner Ups will receive 15,000 Coins!

You can also practice your igloo decorating before the Contest starts be decorating the Virtual Igloo in the Club Penguin Times.


Special Edition In Focus


This weeks “Special Edition” In Focus is Coins For Change! Your Tour Guide will take you around to places were you can donate your coins to Coins For Change starting December 12th!!

Top Secret


More Top Secret stuff! Here is this issues Top Secret Letter, with top secret stuff (not really, lol)


Hmmm? I’m sure most of you (and me!) already knew that! But if you didn’t, now you know!

Word Search


Umm, a Christmas Word Search! Shouldn’t CP have a pic of like, ummm, I don’t know a Penguin in a Santa hat or a Christmas Tree? Not some purple penguin! Although I do like the color purple ;)

Upcoming Events



Until then….

Waddle on….


December 9, 2008

Club Penguin Unlimited Accounts Cheat

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Pssssst, here is an awesome secret club penguin cheat )

With this club penguin cheat you will be able to create as many accounts as you want from just one email address!

You MUST use a Gmail email account for this cheat to work.

Go to http://play.clubpenguin.com/create_account/

1. Tick the Club Penguin Rules box and press continue.
2. Choose your penguin color and press continue.
3. Next choose a penguin name and continue.
4. Now enter a password for your penguin and tick the terms of use box.
5. Now here’s the important part:
6. When entering your email add +1 just before the @gmail.com

eg. my email is 123ojoc@gmail.com

I entered 123ojoc+1@gmail.com

This is what you will see when you do the cheat

If adding +1 doesn’t work then add +111.

Now even if that email address has already the maximum of 5 club penguin accounts created on it, it will still work!


Christmas 08 sneek peek

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Here is a secret picture of the upcoming club penguin christmas party.

It’s the coffee shop and it looks like christmas on cp is gonna rock!


December 7, 2008

Contest results.

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Hey people.  The contest has endedand i’m counting the comments.

The winners will be announced soon.

Until then….

Waddle on…


Here is something:

PS:  read this in backwards.


December 5, 2008

New December ‘08 Clothing Catalog and New Pin Hidden!

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Hey Guys!  The December edition of the Clothing Catalog has finally been released. Trust me, this catalog has full of surprises. The ultra rare Black Toque was brought back. This item was the second-ever item to be released on Club Penguin. Also, the yellow scarf has been brought back as a cheat item, and the Red Hoodie, which is only available in the Treasure Book, is now available in the Clothing Catalog too! Are you ready!? !? Here we go!

Firstly, the Pin, which is called the Snow Fort Pin, is available in the Pet Shop:


Now, to the cheats. This is how you get the ultra rare yellow scarf. As shown below, look at the last row of the Christmas lights and click on them from left to right.


And there you have it! The yellow scarf!


Next Up, the Russian Hat. Click on the tree on the top left corner. You have the russian hat!


Click the face of the penguin with the Black Parka.


There you have the red viking helmet!


Now, just close and open the Red viking helmet option thrice, and you will have the blue viking helmet.


Click on the hairpin of the girl penguin for the Pink Pom Pom Toque.


Now for the Red Hoodie!! Go to the page with the Blue Raincoat, and click on the lighthouse for the awesomely cool Red Hoodie!!


Click on the pink flipper for the Black Superhero Mask.


And also, check this out! Rockhopper has been spotted! His ship is now decorated for Christmas, I think…


So thats it for now guys! Hope you enjoy this catalog! Be sure to comment!

Until then…

Waddle on.


Club Penguin Newspaper Issue #164

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Hey Guys!

Here a few updates from the latest edition of the Penguin Times!

As you all know, Coins for Change is returning December 12th. So start saving up!

It looks like we will be able to dig up candy canes in the treasure hunt game!

Also, Rockhopper will be returning sometime next week, and he has also planned something interesting for us, and will also help out with Coins for Change. Hopefully this time, he will have a different gift to give when you meet him, other than the background.

Also, here are the new Christmas items added to the Treasure Book! They are pretty cool huh?

Club Penguin Game Cheats:

Club Penguin Poetry and Puzzle Shuffle Cheat:

Club Penguin Upcoming Events:

  • Rockhopper Returns sometime next week on Club Penguin
  • The December Edition of the Penguin Style Catalog will be available from tomorrow to January 2nd.
  • “Quest of the Golden Puffle” (Play) Returns on December 12th.
  • Coins for Change begins December 12th and ends December 22nd (Important)
  • Christmas Party begins on December 19th and ends on the 29th. (Can’t wait for this one!)

So thats it for now guys! See ya sometime soon!


And here is a sneak peek secret of the clothing catalog coming tomorrow.

Until then…..

Waddle on…..


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