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July 31, 2008

G’s Word Search Answers and CP NewsPaper #146

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Let’s start with all the upcoming Club Penguin events.

First off, the Band is on break again. Which means if you’re a member, you can get go Backstage for a free autographed background! Here’s how to get backstage and how to find the band.

Next, we finally know what game the level update is gonna be on. Aqua Grabber! On August 5th, the vessel will be grabbing many valuable gems other than pearls and venturing far deeper under the surface to face many new, unfriendly sea creatures. New divers are also needed to clean up an accidental cream soda spill.

Team Blue’s Rally will be back at the Stage on August 8th. This time, they’ll be facing Team Red!

The ‘Best Ways to Earn Coins’ Tip in the newspaper is by Happy77, who was/is a CP Mod. He says Puffle Round-Up is the best money maker. I don’t think that’s true though.

Finally, here are the answers to G’s Word Search in the newspaper. All the words are inventions of Gary’s.

July 26, 2008

The new clothing catalog sneek peek.

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The Clothing Catalog comes out this Friday. Here’s a sneak peek. It looks like a rubber-band bracelet, and checkered shoes/shirts/flags/cars for a Racing theme.

Also, due to requests, the Music Jam Party has been extended until August 5th.

The new game level will be updated sometime after the party.

The Band has been hanging out Backstage!

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The Club Penguin Band has been taking a break from the stage at the Iceberg. They’ve been hanging out Backstage (in the VIP section of the Dock) giving out a new background, like Rockhopper! Each member will be on a random, different server Backstage. Good luck searching! I suggest looking through the populated servers first. Click on the buddy button to get the autographed background.

Here’s what the background looks like. Unfortunately, it’s members only.

Here’s the band: G Billy, Petey K, Stompin’ Bob, and Franky.

Club Penguin Music Jam Party Changes

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The first major change would be that the Stage at the Dock is now Pink. According to the newspaper, it will change everyday.

The green puffle, Keeper, has also returned to the Night Club.

And here’s just some info on the party: At the Dojo, if you step onto the colored tile (when no one’s on it yet, it’ll light up and start playing the big instrument behind the tile). At the Lighthouses’s stage, if no one is on it, it stops and goes dark.

(Credit to watex)

July 25, 2008

The Club Penguin Music Jam Party is here!Cheats and other coolness.

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YIPEEEE!  The Music Jam Party is here with two free items.  It has many cool things and also the band are here at the ice-berg.



Now we will begin with the cheats.

To get the FREE Maracas:

Step 1.  Go to the cove.

Step 2. Click on the box of Maracas.



Now to get the Music Jam T-Shirt:

Step 1. Go to The Plaza.

Step  2. Click on the box of T-Shirts.



Now for Members: Go to the Snow Forts to buy the T-Shirts and backstage passes.



Once you get those go to the dock and click on the V.I.P. only sign.

This is what the backstage looks like inside (CREDIT TO MIKE92)

There is a Music Catalog backstage:

There is a secret. Click on the letter “I” in Music for the Red Guitar.

Also the new game is out.  it is the DJ3K.  Here is a picture of it:

The point of the game is to make a beat. The better that the beat is the more coins that you will earn.

Here are some of the other features:

  • There is an applause button in the bottom in the bottom right hand corner.
  • View the Penguin Band at the Ice Berg.
  • Play the piano on the piano floor at the Pool.
  • Step on one of the many stages, and it plays new music.
  • There is a new DJ Game at the Night Club.
  • Press the button at the Lighthouse to watch confetti shoot out.
  • Step on a pad at the Dojo to make music come out.
  • Musical Icicles at the Mine.

There are many more things to do for this party.

What is your favourite room/music of the party?

Comment away!!!

Waddle on…


July 24, 2008

Club Penguin Improvement Project has finally shut down.

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Club Penguin Improvement Project has finally closed. Check it out. The CPIP Blog is still up and running. And Billybob has yet to make his final post. It might be there forever just to document things, though


Until then….

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Music Jam 2008 – Penguin Times Issue 145

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The new newspaper is here. The Music Jam 2008 party will be coming with the DJ Table game on July 25th.

There is going to be loads of things to do in the Music Jam Party. Here is a list with many of them.

The Penguin Band will be visiting the Ice Berg. I made a picture with all of the members of the band.

Here are the rules:

Here are the upcoming events on club penguin:

  • July 25 – Music Jam 2008, and new DJ Table Game.
  • August 1 – New clothing catalog, and new pin hidden.
  • August 8 – New play at the Stage.

That’s it for the newspaper.

Until then… 

Waddle on..


Updated Game Spoiler – New Level- Not the Dj Game

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Hey guys. The new game in the Night Club isn’t the only game activity going on.

In a few weeks a different game will have a new level! There is also a new wallpaper.

Comment this post with what game you think is going to have a new level.

I honestly think it is Aqua Grabber.

Waddle on..


New Ice Hockey Game

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Update: There is a new page! Learn how to be rich on club penguin at my Club Penguin Coin Cheats Page.

Hey guys. I signed onto Club Penguin and went to the Ice Rink to play hockey.(thanks to Cabluey)

There is a green puffle at the Ice Rink. The puffle does amazing tricks with the puck.

You can not play Ice Hockey. Cabluey emailed Club Penguin about the green puffle at the Ice Rink. They said that it was temporary and we will be able to play ice hockey again at the Ice Rink soon. I was so impressed with the tricks. I think it would be fun if club penguin made an ice hockey game. The Ice Rink is usually empty. If they added a feature where you could do tricks and have games with friends, the Ice Rink would be one of the most popular rooms. What do you think about the Ice Rink? Comment if you have any suggestions.

Until then…  Waddle on…


July 23, 2008

DJ Table Game Preview Edited

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Hey guys. On July 16th Screenhog posted about the new DJ Table game and released this preview.

Now, on the blog the picture has been changed. Here is the current preview of the DJ Table Game.

Here are the differences that I noticed between them:

  • The Penguin’s color is now green.
  • There are yellow, and blue wires from the DJ Table.
  • There is a dark red circle in the bottom corner by the wires.
  • The centerpiece, by the penguin has a small white glow.

If you find more psot a comment and tell me!


waddle on


July 22, 2008

The new Igloo Selection Uptade

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The Club Penguin Team added another update to the igloos on the map. Now, there is a list with all of the open igloos.

The best part is that the list is in alphabetical order. I think this is a great update and will make finding igloos much easier.

Waddle on …



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Ever since Club Penguin began the DJ table stood at the Night Club. CP always wanted to make it somehow more fun and interactive, but never got around to it. Until now. This Friday, with the launch of Music Jam ‘08, we’re introducing CP’s first music-making game! Here is the updated sneek peek of the new DJ GAME-


On July 25th the new DJ game will be released. The game will have music and be Club Penguin’s first music game.

There are some new cheats:

1. The Night Club is under construction but if you look in the screen in the HQ, the Night Club is NOT under construction

2.The puffle is in the Ice Rink until the Construction at the Night Club is over, July 25th.

That’s all about the night club for today ( maybe).

Waddle on…


July 20, 2008


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Next week, the CPIP blog will be closing for the time being.  Here is the original post from the site.(http://community.clubpenguin.com/cpip/”You guys have helped a lot” said the Club Penguin Team.—”Starting back in March with the Server Test and in April with all the feedback on the site redesign! The Club Penguin Team sends a huge ‘thanks’ for all the work and enthusiasm you’ve put into CPIP. I’ll be posting a final blog next week but I wanted to give you the heads up.

You’ll be able to leave comments until next Wednesday, and we still really want to hear your suggestions and ideas about how to make these features even better.”

SO it will shut down. BOO HOO

Until then…waddle on!


July 19, 2008

Party Prep! Music Jam ’08 SNEAK PEEK!! … The Party is on the 25th. of July

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Billybob posted on the Club Penguin Community website (http://community.clubpenguin.com/blog/)  the sneak peek of the music jam party 2008.  It is going to be a rock and roll party and watch out for some cool surprises.  Here is the SNEAK PEEK!!:




In other news, Billybob posted on the construction of the night club and said:  ”Something big is happening there – Grab your hard hats and jackhammers if you want to help out. I don’t want to give too much away but I can tell you it’s related to the party and a new game that will be coming!! ”

He also announced:  ”Also, to get you in the groove for the musical festivities, new furniture and music were released today. I can’t wait to see how you’ve rocked out your igloos!! ”

Waddle on


July 18, 2008

The new Pin is out ——> It is the Treble Clef Pin

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To find it go to the mine then go to the pool and then click on the pin and click yes.

New July/August Furniture Catalog Sweet Club Penguin Cheats For You 2!!!!!!!!

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The July Furniture and Igloo Catalogs are out, and the main theme is music. I really like the Disco Ball! What is your favorite item? Here are the cheats:


To find the Guitar Stand Click on the Upright Piano on page 2.

Click on the Coffee Shop Tree to get the Vegetable Garden:

Click on the Palm Tree to get the Flower Planter:

Click on the Sea Weed for the Clam:

There is also new music:

There is a construction going on at the Dance Club which is for the new game.

 Credit to Snow Dobby

Ninjas in Club Penguin.

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There have been a lot of rumors going around that ninjas exist in Club Penguin, the newest one being this picture:

This picture is fake, it is just an edit made by somebody. The ninja outfit is not in Club Penguin’s database so therefore it would be impossible to get it. Ninjas were around in Penguin Chat 3, a game made by rsnail as a Club Penguin prototype. To become a ninja in Penguin Chat 3, you would have to click the ‘N’ in the phrase “Select your new penguin”, here is a picture of that:

Once Club Penguin launched the ninja items were never released, the moderators said that ninjas will eventually come out, but they haven’t yet. However, the ninja items were in Club Penguin’s database at the time. People found out about the ninja items in the database so they cheated to get the ninja items. One penguin who has pictures of the ninja items on their account is JaMeS. These pictures are real:

When Club Penguin found out about the ninja items on their accounts, they removed them from their accounts and the database. Here are pictures of what the ninja items look like in your inventory.

To prove that the first picture is a fake, Mike93 have made his own edit of himself as a ninja.  (thanks to Mike 93)

All the rumors that say you can become a ninja are false. Waiting in the Dojo for thirty minutes without moving will not do anything. The “ninjas” that people say they see around Club Penguin are just shadows. There is no way to become a ninja… yet.

The new game is nearly here!

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Billybob just released an announcement on their blog for a new game. Its going to be cool, “especially if you like music” says Billybob. It appears to be a disk jokey’s flipper on a record. What do you think the game will be like?

Looks pretty cool to me? What do you guys think? Comment your ideas!

The Club Penguin Uptades are finally here!!! (TOOT TOOT)

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Club Penguin has released all of the new updates, I love them!:


You’re going to have to retype in all of your penguins usernames and passwords again, because Club Penguin has erased the data. The big orange sign has also changed. OK is now spelled “Okay”. It will group your suggested servers for you based upon the servers that your buddies and you attend most. If you click on the yellow sticky note, you can see all of the servers grouped alphabetically. There are no more countries or flags:

Penguin Mail!!!

Now you can said postcards to buddies even when they’re not online. You can save, delete, ignore, or send penguin mail. If there’s a smiley face on the envelope instead of a number indicating how many unread messages you have, it’s a buddy request. It will also come up and tell you if a penguin’s mailbox is full.


Go to your mailbox and read your first postcard. Click “get item” to receive the blue bag.

There are many many many new postcards to choose from.

Penguin Inventory Layout:

I love it! It makes it  much easier to find my items


There is a new nice, forest background:

  (  Credit to MRSHOLLYWOOD )



It is now located in the bottom left hand corner of your screen:


There’s the green puffle from the Night Club at the Ice Rink who keeps on playing with the puck, so you can’t play hockey!


It will announce when a buddy comes online:


Your puffles can send you mail if they’re hungry, or if you buy a new one.

Club Penguin new DS game!!!

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Hey! Club Penguin is gonna release a game for the DS! It has missions Secert Agents don’t have! You can probably transfer coins to your main penguin online!! Here is a cover of the Game!


It is supposed to come at August or September.

The Newspaper #144

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Headlining this issues CP Times is the return of Squidzoid vs Shadow Guy & Gamma Gal at the Stage! Check it out…….

first of Squidzoid vs Shadow Guy & Gamma Gal returned at the Stage July 11th, so if you check my site often you should know thats nothing new. Moving along…..

also nothing new, the first ever Club Penguin Music Jam with the Penguin Band starts July 25th and ending July 30th. But there is a little more news in this article then last time so here is some new stuff.  The new Better Igloo’s Catalog coming out this Friday will have new music and lots of stuff related to music! And a rumor has started that there will be DJ’s at the Music Festival? Also the party planners mentioned DJ’s,  I think there will be DJ’s what about you?

Advertisement: Check out the new music in this months Better Igloo’s Catalog!

It has been confirmed that the green puffle at the Night Club known as the “Keeper” of the Night Club has left and is know at the Ice Rink. “Games might be delayed until further notice,” one ref commented.

In Focus: Race

upcoming events

and there is another one of those pop up advertisement/joke/poem/riddle thing. Just pick a word from each of the three boxes and click done for the poem thing, lol!!

July 17, 2008

Hello world!

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Hello everybody!  This is my first post.  If you add me to my blogroll I will to. Tell everyone you know who loves club penguin.

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